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PES 2011: Team Malaysia
[Image: amar+rohidan.jpg]

[Image: fadli+shas.jpg]

[Image: muslim+ahmad.jpg]

[Image: norshahrul+idlan+talaha.jpg]

[Image: rajagobal.jpg]

[Image: s+kunanlan.jpg]

[Image: sabre+mat+abu.jpg]

[Image: safee+sali.jpg]

[Image: safiq+rahim.jpg]

[Image: zaquan+adha.jpg]

Sumber: http://borakbolasepak.blogspot.com/2011/...aysia.html
[Image: tR3hR.jpg]
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fuyoo. mana dapat ni
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menarik nih
[Image: 468x60-cloudhosting.jpg]
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PES 2012 ada utk team malaysia tak? PES 2013 ntah bila nak launch gaknya.
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