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what does it mean oh?!!
Try to search more info because sign up a new mobile plan.
there are telco advertising gimmick, give low price but super bad in service.
My previous telco is like this. Dont want to mention its name.
After use XPAX plan. i no longer have this problem. so satisfied with them in overall.
XPAX line have 4G LTE SPEED, is happy to play online game without lag..
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just double confirmed with celcom customer service..not cut off our line upon the expiration like experienced by leeanchalee before..as long as our line still active, we can still access internet though the account credit is zero..hahahha.but the line might slow a bit lo..but doesn’t matter right..
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i used quite many telco line before,i think overall all the package not much differences.
just difference on the my usage to choose the right package..
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