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nified Rules) wh
UFC and MMA are exciting acronyms for Ultimate Fighting Championship and Mixed martial Arts. UFC is a part of MMA. Currently the UFC is recognized as the largest MMA promotion around the entire world. The UFC is owned and operated by Zuffa LLC and their HQ is in Las Vegas Nevada. The UFC involves mixed martial arts which was based on Brazilian vale tudo.

When UFC first started out there were just a few limited amount of rules and most all of the fights were brutal and violent. Some even ended in death. It was more or less known as a "no holds barred" competition Maliek Collins Black Jersey , but after a lot of flack from the press the UFC had to change and slowly started embracing stricter rules, also marketing themselves as a legit sporting event. Techniques like biting, eye gouging, hair pulling are frowned up on in the world of UFC but are still allowed.

Over the years the UFC has become more socially acceptable and has gained popularity from people around the world. UFC fights on television can be seen on SpikeTv in the US and 35 other countries. The UFC can also be seen on pay-per-view which wildly enough has broken every single record ever dated, as making well over $222,766,000 in one year alone in the year 2006. This surpasses that of WWE and boxing! The UFC has also decided in 2008 to go more mainstream and has announced two major exclusive sponsors, that of Harley Davidson and Anheuser-Busch, making Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the UFC. This was an incredible feat for both Harley and Anheuser-Busch. The UFC continues to rise to a searing popularity, gracing the covers of several very well known magazines such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine.

Title matches in the UFC are 5x5 meaning there are five rounds with 5 minutes each. In non title matches however there are three five minute rounds, in both instances there is a one minute rest period between rounds. Which is about the time the official UFC ring girls comes into play! Alright lets get on with more of the rules and regulations for this sport. As of now the UFC currently uses five weight classes, they are:

Lightweight: 146 to 155lbs
Welterweight 156 to 170lbs
Middleweight: 171 to 185lbs
Light Heavyweight: 186 to 205lbs
Heavyweight 206 to 265lbs

In addition to these weight classes there are also four classes specified in the UR (Unified Rules) which the UFC does NOT use, they are:

Flyweight: Under 125lbs
Bantamweight: 126 to 135lbs
Featherweight: 136 to 145lbs
Super Heavyweight: Above 265lbs

The UFC stages all of its fights appropriately enough in an octagon caged enclosure called "The Octagon." The cage is eight-sided with walls made out of metal chain-link fence and is coated with black vinyl. The cage is 32ft in diameter and the fence is 5'6 to 5'8 high. The cage sits on a platform raising it 4ft (plus) off the ground. The attire for the UFC is pretty simple. The fighter must fight in approved shorts, no shoes, and approved light gloves. Fighters do NOT wear helmets of any sort.

Matches usually end in the following instances in the UFC; Submission, Knockout, Technical Knockout (TKO), Judges Decision, Technical Decision, Disqualification, Forfeit, Draw or No Contest. Some of the fouls are already listed in the beginning of this article but heres a few more; Groin attacks, Fish Hooking, Strikes to the spine or back of the head, throwing an opponent out of the ring, abusive language, faking an injury, and throwing in the towel during competition.

The UFC has a large amount of Accomplished UFC fighters. Such as Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie, and Matt Hughes just to name a few. All in all there has been a count of 108 UFC events held in six countries and 18 US states. 84 of the events thus far have been available via per per view, while only 23 have been shown on cable t.v.

Many Americans struggle with the ability to care for themselves as they age. As a consequence, they often find themselves being forced out of their homes and into long-term care living facilities, where they are quickly turned into 鈥淧atients鈥?and relinquish their ability to develop and grow.
According to Patrick Roden PHD who writes about aging issues online, 鈥淥ne aspect of this paradigm is infantilizing older people and turning them into 鈥減atients鈥?to be subject to over-protection.鈥?

Roden adds that as elderly Americans retire and begin to live out the next half of their lives, the often are viewed by the medical community as having the capacity to deal with the risk of being on their own and, perhaps more importantly, they are denied the benefits of living at home where they are happiest in order to mitigate those risks.
鈥淭he unstated here is that the end of the lifecycle is not worth risking for potential upside benefits. Thomas makes the point that in no other part of the life-cycle is risk aversion allowed,鈥?Roden says.
Aging in place is risky, says Roden. The elderly who choose to remain in their homes face a long list of demands that their older bodies may not be able to handle and that may put them at 鈥渞isk鈥?for injury or illness. This includes yard work, house work, gardening, cooking for themselves and other demands, which he calls Environmental Press (EP) or 鈥渇orces in the environment that together with individual need evoke a response,鈥?which often result in physical challenges as well as mental ones.

But Roden argues that instead of weighing the risks against the benefits of aging in place that we reverse the philosophy and filter our opinions about elderly folks and living at home through a new paradigm. And he begins his argument with the topic of ergonomics, or 鈥渢he science of creating the best fit possible between people and their surroundings.鈥?p>
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