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Concrete Slabs Market 鈥?Evaluation of Recent Industry Developments & Technological Breakthroughs Analysis
by kksingha · October 4 Authentic Oscar Dansk Jersey , 2018

Concrete Slabs Market 鈥?Overview

Concrete was used by Egyptians and Romans to build pyramids and architectural marvels such as Colosseum and Pantheon. Concrete slabs that are used for construction are made from cement, sand, and water. These slabs are used in modern buildings to construct floors, walls, and ceilings. Thick concrete slab is used to support the foundation of the building. Whereas thin or medium sized slabs are used in walls, floors and pavement. Concrete slabs are used to provide thermal comfort and insulation from extreme climates. These slabs do not heat up or cool down easily, the slabs can protect from the extreme temperature of the building when concrete slabs are used in walls. The life expectancy of concrete slabs is more than 100 years.

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Concrete Slabs Market 鈥?Drivers and Restraints

Demand for durable building materials, reduction in construction time, low maintenance are key factors driving the global concrete slabs market. Concrete slabs have several advantages such as low maintenance cost, good tensile stress, fire and weather resistance, high durability of material, and reduction in labor and excavation costs. These slabs are designed to bear the external jolts and uncertain calamities by absorbing the shock waves. Concrete slabs can be easily laid directly over uneven soil, which these slabs cost-effective. Rise in construction of residential and commercial buildings is anticipated to create opportunities in the concrete slabs market. Another key advantage of concrete slabs is that these can be precast or made on-site. Precast concrete slabs are manufactured in factories and transported to the site, ready to be placed between steel or concrete beams. On-site concrete slabs are built at the construction site using formwork. Demand for skyscrapers and tall building is increasing and China has the most number of skyscrapers in the world followed by the U.S., the U.A.E., and Japan. Concrete slabs are mostly used in commercial and industrial sectors. Emerging economies, such as India and Brazil, are focusing on these sectors which can boost the demand for concrete slabs market.
There are various size of concrete slabs readily available in the market. Small-sized slabs are precast and can be easily transported and laid at the construction site. Medium-sized slabs can be constructed on-site or precast. Medium sized slabs are utilized to make false flooring. Large-sized slabs are employed in the construction of large areas. These slabs are used to construct foundation and parking spaces for commercial buildings.

Extreme temperatures can cause plastic shrinkage cracks in the concrete slabs while drying. Proper measure need to be taken while laying the concrete slabs such as pressing of soil for even surface and removal of tree or pant roots because it can create crack in the concrete slabs. Acid rain and excessive heat can damage the quality of the concrete slabs. Various other substitutes to concrete slabs are available in the market at a low price and consumer might prefer them due to cost factor.

Concrete Slabs Market 鈥?Segmentation

The global concrete slabs market can be segmented based on type, size, end-use, and region. Based on type, the global concrete slabs market can be classified into precast and onsite. In terms of size, the concrete slabs market can be segregated into small, medium, and large. Based on end-user, the concrete slabs market can be categorized into commercial, industrial, and residential. In terms of region, the global concrete slabs market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

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Concrete Slabs Market- Key Players

Key players operating in the global concrete slabs market include Keegan Precast Ltd, Leesburg Concrete Co., Precast New Zealand Inc., U.S. Concrete Inc., Martens Groep, Myers Group Ltd., and Spanwright UK Ltd.

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