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horror movies
My brother loves to watch horror movies. He wants to know best names of horror which released in this year. I don't watch movies so fully blanked about best for them. I ask very horror movies names from all of you and i am sure you will suggest me best.

The day trip from vegas will be next travel.
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My younger brother also really like horror movies. He had shared with me some horror movies names which is his favorite. I am going to share those movies nanmes here.
The Shining
The Exorcist
Scary Movie
Night of the Living Dead
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NORMAN!!!! I would like to say that you have shared very informative stuff with me. I will like to share this great information with my brother who loves to watch horror movies always. These seem unique so I also will try to watch out someone from them. Which do you like most of them?
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The Exorcist is a most popular film of yet which have earned lots of money. It consists of 2 hours or 12 mints wad I have enjoyed with my friend in cinema. You know what guys while making this movie almost 9 people died and that's why this movie delay for 6 weeks. It is too much interesting and will advise you all must enjoy this at least once.
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ill sugest my fav, this movie maybe not much horror scene but much mystery and some thriller scene maybe haha,
- kamisama no iutoori
- corpse party live action [JP]
-  Another live action [JP]
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Isaiah ! Happy to hear that you like my shared movies names and you will share those movies names with your brother. I am sure like you, he also likes it and when you will watch these movies you will enjoy it. By the way, Night of the Living Dead is my most favorite movie in all.
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