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Your biggest headache as trader?
Becoming a Forex trader is far from easy thing to deal with, as we need to tackle a lot of issues and only then we will move forward to good zone. So, I like to know what you consider as your biggest issue or headache as trader. I feel the biggest challenge is to have broker we can trust and rely upon. This is where I go with OctaFX who are regulated by FCA and have excellent reputation, so I feel comfortable working with such broker and make me feel really great.
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My biggest headache in past was joining good broker. I have joined up companies like Instaforex, ForeMart and such which scammed and troubled me badly, so it was a headache for me to join the right one which I have finally joined. I believe everyone have same issues as far selection of broker is concern.
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No more headaches for me since I am entirely comfortable with everything. I believe that there is no pain without gain, but if you are sensible then there is no pain at all even while gain. I am grateful to MarketServicesAustralia and their service to make this true. Ever since I have started using the MTP Trading Platform, it has done wonders for me. Just by 30-40 minutes a day, I am able to generate kind of money, I might make in whole month. In very simple way of following their live trading signals that are sent to the computer and smart phones with pin point details making it so easy to follow.
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(08-13-2017, 08:30 PM)Haris Patel Wrote: My biggest headache in past was joining good broker.

Yes this is right because finding the right broker is really getting hard every day because every new day we see a new broker coming into forex industry and many of them at the same time winding up also. I believe that every one of us should make a little research before finalizing the right broker.
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It’s obvious that broker selection is amongst the top problems that people face and it’s absolutely not easy to deal with this at all. But then again, I believe these are the factors you have to handle at any cost since there is no other option.
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