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Xenforo 2.0 da keluar
Cer try tgk admin.. https://xf2demo.xenforo.com/ nampak macam best

Apa yang baru dalam 2.0 ni

Quote:You may have already noticed some of these, but here are some of the new things and changes in XenForo 2. This list is by not means exhaustive and doesn't really get into many of the underlying architecture changes. So, in no particular order...

Emoji (utf8mb4) support
If you run a version of MySQL that supports utf8mb4, you can convert your tables (through a script) to use that to allow emojis to be used in posts: ☕️?️?? Currently, the underlying emojis come from the OS/browser so they may differ between visitors.

Retina (2x) avatar support
Devices that benefit from higher resolution avatars will now use them as needed in posts and most other areas. This prevents the images from appearing to be low resolution compared to other icons and text.

Dynamic letter avatars based on user name
If you haven't specified an avatar, you'll get a dynamically colored avatar using the first letter of your username. This helps distinguish users that don't set a custom avatar.

Retina (2x) smilie support
Smilies can also serve a 2x version to devices that benefit from it or you can use a higher resolution sprite that is scaled down. [Image: gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEAL...ICTAEAOw==] We've also changed the default smilies (though nothing would stop you from keeping your existing ones).

Navigation manager system
We've talked about this elsewhere, but the navigation at the top of the page is now entirely controllable through the control panel. You can add custom entries and move them around. Add-ons can associate their own entries too.

Widget system
Though it may look similar to XF1, the sidebar elements on various pages are now defined as widgets. You can add/remove and customize the widgets used in the control panel.

Dedicated "what's new" area
This aims to be a specific area for surfacing the latest content through various views. This supplements the previous "find new" systems and allows specific pages to present more options to configure what content is returned.

Widgets aren't just for sidebars though. The what's new overview page is made up of widgets so you can configure what you want to show there.

Enhanced post editing system
Editing a post no longer brings up an overlay, instead replacing the post area. Attachments are now manageable without going to a separate page and any attachments embedded in the post will be shown in the editor. If you're editing the first post of the thread, things like the title will also be editable from here.

New rich text editor
We're using a new rich text editor. This system is more actively maintained and easier to customize to fit our needs.

Per browser toggling of the rich text editor
There is no per user toggling of the rich text editor. Instead, we store your preference in your browser. This means that you can use the RTE on your desktop but if you have problems with it on your mobile, you can disable it there.

Unread alert/conversation indicator in favicon, title tag
If you have unread alerts or conversations, the favicon will be customized to have a red dot and a count (like "(2)") will be added to the beginning of the tab title.

Cross tab communication system
If you have multiple pages of your forum open in tabs simultaneously, we can now send messages between them to handle things like synchronizing unread alert/conversation indicators and keeping your session/CSRF tokens up to date. We can now tell if you've been logged out (or in) in another tab and show you a message suggesting that you reload to see the changes.

Off canvas navigation for mobiles, generally improved responsive design
We've tried to improve the usability of XF2 for mobiles. Amongst other things, this includes moving the main navigation (and sub-section-specific navigation) to an off canvas menu system.

Sticky form submit rows
In most cases when a form is longer than your screen, the submit row will stick to the bottom of the browser window to so you don't have to scroll to the bottom to access it.

Custom thread fields
Similar to custom user fields, additional fields can now be attached to threads on a per forum basis to allow you to collect more structured information.

Gender and occupation moved to custom fields (upgrades)
New installs will no longer include gender and occupation fields and in upgrades they will be moved to custom fields. You may either remove them entirely or, in the case of gender, customize the available options.

Default help pages added to the help pages system
The default help pages (such as smilies, BB codes and trophies) have been added to the help pages system. You can now disable/reorder them as needed and, as before, their templates can still be customized.

Likes in conversation, "countable" like control
Likes can now be given to conversation messages. Likes can now be set as "uncounted"; while the receiver will still receive their alert, their like count won't change.

Multi-quote in conversations
Multi-quote can now be used in conversations. Note that multi-quote is still content specific; conversation and post MQ are separate lists.
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design baru dia buruk
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biasa je. Mybb lg best
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