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What will be perfect?
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT3fXj0u-d7mxDkDKtuSAr...37yhLWlCRd][Image: NMX3KSS_mu.jpg]
[Image: 58220234150000d8045326fe.jpeg?ops=crop_0..._noupscale]

What will be perfect and suitable for a birthday gift? My sister's friend birthday is coming and she wants to give her heels as a gift. She shared these images with me when I was enjoying los angeles grand canyon tour for knowing my views. I said that I will tell you after taking the good suggestion from my buddies.
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[Image: NMX3KSS_mu.jpg]
According to my point of view, this shoe is best for giving a gift to any girl.
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NORMAN !!!! Thanks for giving me a suggestion. I will like to act upon your suggestion. I mean I will suggest to my sister bring this one as you have suggested for giving as a birthday gift to your friends. Hope so she will like it.
[Image: iron-man-suit-360000-usd-0.gif?fit=516,344&strip=all]
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Isaiah! I am glad to hear that you like my suggestion and said your sister to buy this shoe for her friend for giving a birthday gift. I am full of the hope; she will like this gift because most girls like decent things.
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