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This is amazing to offer an open source block chain with anonymous transactions they contain only mining tools. I feel that this is a really good site.BLOC money is a new digital cache enhanced by an open source block chain with anonymous transactions including an exclusive mining tool that provides true equal funding allocation.
They are passionate about crypto currency and truly convinced that blockchain technology is going to change our world. Too many ICO's are popping up everday without real products at the end and a lot of disapointement. They decided to do it differently.
BLOC is a true and real mining crypto currency like Bitcoin, using improved adaptive features to fit our current world and economy including exlusive mining tools to offer an egalitarian money distribution.
An amazing feature that balance the low end hardware, middle and high end hardware.That means that even if you use a smartphone or a normal computer or any other low end hardware, you will be able to mine the BLOC.money with the same probabilty of coin reward. On top of that they have updated the core of BLOC.
Money to be ASIC resistant using the latest Cryptonight HAVEN algorythm which is a variant of Monero. Everybody can mine the BLOC.money with a true egalitarian proof of work (POW) and money distribution. They also have setup different mining pool for each continent to offer a better connectivity and improve our earnings.
Acording to my knowledge they have a strong belief in our no-funding strategy; if we make a cool product, the value will create itself. Own a part of history, deal with BLOC.money, the original blockchain coin.
So you can simply visit at https://bloc.money
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloc_money
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blocmoney-383098922176113
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