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The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18
[Image: website-article-financial-advice.jpg]
Good financial advice is priceless, and the sooner you get it and apply it the better off in life you’ll be.
[justify]Today’s 18-year-olds who are preparing to go to university do so knowing that they are going to rack up a sizeable amount of debt by the time they graduate.[/justify]
[justify]Has anyone sat down with them and fully explained the impact debt has on their life?[/justify]
Advice about the benefits of getting a good education are echoed everywhere but strangely enough young people get little formal advice about financial planning through regular education channels. Aside from what they hear from their parents, who aren’t always the best at giving guidance on money management, they learn by experience.

More details : The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18
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