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Technical and fundamental analysis
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The rule followed by all investors in all markets worldwide is that they are looking to earn money. However, if they closely analyse and assess the movement of the foreign exchange market or the stock market, they would discover that the nature of the investments being made in these markets, and the nature of the money being placed, is similar to an activity that is well known for either providing heavy losses or enormous profits. This activity is gambling.

Businessmen who gamble for too long often find that they have run out of luck, and this loss of luck eventually leaves them on the streets after they lose everything. This is because gambling is an extremely high risk activity, and is partly based on luck. The high risk nature of this activity can result in profit if the gambler has good luck. However, the balance of probability states that the gambler’s luck will eventually run out, and when the gambler’s luck runs out, he will find that he has lost everything that he had previously earned.

More details: Technical and fundamental analysis
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The forex trading fundamental analysis takes everything into account, even rumours and expectations.

As such, this type of analysis is completely reliant on internal and external factors which have an effect on the world economy. Moreover, to effectively analyse you need to see not only the dependence of factors, but also their interdependence. For example, a strengthening or weakening of one of the world’s leading economies could have an effect not only on the quotes of its currency, but also the currencies of its economic partners.

In the other hand Forex technical analysis is one of the most widely used ways for forecasting price movements. The supposition that the market repeats itself is the basis for this type of analysis, meaning future movements can be defined on the basis of consistent patterns of previous market behaviour. Traders build their forecasts according to quote changes on graphs for specific periods of time.
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