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My one friend is taking a Spain tour and last night she ahd shared her bucket list with me which is filled with breathtaking and incredible attractions. Let me share my friend bucket list here. 
Park Güell
Buen Retiro Park
Royal Palace of Madrid
Seville Cathedral
Loro Parque
Costa del Sol

My grand canyon bus tour was nice. 
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Norman, I am going to appreciate your effort for such a great sharing of Spain. I have not visited this country yet but uncle took a tour of there a month ago and visited all of these places during his trip to have an ultimate time.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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NORMAN...! I read your post very attentively and I must say that you have shared a really great and informative stuff about Spain with us. All of these attractions are the best to have great fun in this alluring country. It is also famous country and my favourite too. I also enjoyed myself while I was visiting this sort of places. I am sure your shared information would be useful for all kind of visitors.

Anyone have you ever taken ruby falls tour ?
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NORMAN ! I would like to appreciate your sharing stuff and secondly wanna like to say that these places are really Washingtonian and awesome which your friend added in his bucket list. I had also visited all of them in my last trip and enjoyed there fantastic time. I will like to go there more and more for visiting of its most attractive place which the name of Buen Retiro Park more
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NORMAN! Your friend explored these places are really best destination all around of the Spain. These places are really best option for travcling and i exlored all of them and get great experinace but 1 place new for me This place name is Loro Parque so you can share with me this place information.
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Thank you for your post! That's very useful!
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julia_tlind, I do agree with you and would like to say that he had shared nice names of Spain attractions with all of us. I like this so much and wanna have a great kind of time there after this bus tours to maine. I really wanna know from all of you what you think which places I should select for my first visit from all?
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My brother recently back from Buen Retiro Park and he shares with me this place some images and i also share those images with all members.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKuUp8hpDTTDHi7wObVJR...xUxZWPDI67]
[Image: Buen%20Retiro%20Park%20Cristal%20Palace.jpg]
[Image: Madrid_Retiro_Casita_Pescador.jpg]
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