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Software development life cycle vs system development life cycle
What is the difference between software development life cycle and system development life cycle?
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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a common methodology for System Development. system development life cycle features various phases that mark the progress of the system development. In any SDLC phase, the project can return to an earlier phase, if necessary. It is also possible to complete some activity of one phase in parallel with some other activity of another phase.
A system usually refers to a hardware on which one can install software and run programs. It is a set of components assembled together for a specific task. It may be a computer, epos system etc.
Software is an application designed to run the various parts of the system together. In this you can have two types of software’s one is system software and the other is application software generally called as an App. A system software can an operating system where as application is installed on the system software for some specific use like epos software which can be used to run an epos system. Here you can get more information of System Development Life Cycle  & software development life cycle.
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