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My sister art collection!!
My sister is the biggest freak of art whenever she made birthday cards so whenever she made a different style painting but now she made a plastic bottles followers, dolls, and some decoration things. I am going to share that collection that my sister made at the free time.
[Image: c5d47a9564f0fa732a9c4a6689af827c--plasti...ottles.jpg]
[Image: 100pcs-Professional-20-ml-font-b-perfume...b-font.jpg]
[Image: Doll-House-03.jpg]
[Image: 24468ff042e8ef6ae96fce7e06b9d854.jpg]
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Bentley! I really ike all the images which you have shared here. I must say that after seeing your sister art collection I am shocked because she made all the things amazing. I must share with you my sister art collection. She also really likes art and made different kinds of things.
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Oh wow, these are really very cute for me and will like to say that I like all handmade things. My cousin made jewelry and now going to share something from her collection with all of you.
[Image: handmade-jewellery-set-250x250.jpg]
[Image: Light_Blue_and_Light_Green_Silk_Thread_F...1488796644]
[Image: bangles-handmade-jewellery-250x250.jpg]
[Image: 0ab68f7f707d5e40168612d7d5b58cf0--ear-ri...ellery.jpg]
I like all of them what's about you?

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Wow, Zee143! What a beautiful collection of jewelry you have shared here. after seeing these images, I must say that your cousin had great doing work great. Let me share y sister collection with both of you She also made jewelry.
[Image: 826bcff019225832ddacdf5ca4d95b87.jpg]
[Image: il_340x270.1307528213_q9x0.jpg]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
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Zee143! I am so wondering after seeing your post and these images are really amazing actually my sister ask you one question Can you share with me some details about this image how made at home.
[Image: 0ab68f7f707d5e40168612d7d5b58cf0--ear-ri...ellery.jpg]
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Bentley! I would like to say that you asked a really nice question from her. When I shared these images with my sister then she also said that I must try to get information regarding these things how they can make at home. I am sure when she read our post then must share that information with us.
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NORMAN! Really buddy actually this question ask my sister, she is the biggest freak of this kind of art and that is why she search this kind of things. I am curiously waiting for your reply.
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