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Low price temovate 350mg, development of anti-dermatosis drug from natural sources
Low price temovate 350mg, development of anti-dermatosis drug from natural sources

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What triggers Oral Lichen Planus? What causes oral lichen planus ? The exact cause of oral lichen planus is unknown. Research suggests the condition is related to your genetic makeup and immune system. Some people develop oral lichen planus after taking certain medications, such as beta-blockers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
Can Lichen planus affect the throat? Lesions of oral lichen planus most often appear as white patches on the inside of the cheeks. Oral lichen planus may cause sensitivities to food or brushing, tenderness or burning in the mouth, or pain.
How is Oral Lichen Planus diagnosed? He or she also may request lab tests such as: Biopsy. A small tissue sample is taken from one or more lesions in your mouth and examined under a microscope to look for indications of oral lichen planus. Cultures. A sample of cells is taken from your mouth using a cotton swab. Blood tests.
Does lichen Planopilaris go away? In most cases, lichen planus will go away within 2 years. If you have symptoms, such as severe itching or sores in your mouth or genital area, treatment can help.
Can Lichen Planus go away by itself? Most of the time, the bumps go away without any treatment after about a year. If symptoms are mild, no treatment may be needed. There is no known cure for skin lichen planus, but treatment is often effective in relieving itching and improving the appearance of the rash until it goes away.
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