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KLIA Express - Get to and fro KLIA fast and easy.
If you plan to travel to KLIA2 for a trip and was wondering which will be the most affordable mode to travel to KLIA2.  You may consider ERL, the rail link is ready for use and it’s a cheaper mode of transportation for travellers. ERL is a great and convenient way to get to KLIA2. The train travels as fast as 160km per hour away from the traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur and it’s surrounding areas.

There are a few options on which station to choose to head to KLIA2 which are the Transit service and Ekspres service.

KLIA Transit
KLIA Transit is a rapid transit service designed especially for commuters and airport personnel. KLIA Transit train services make 4 quick intermediate stops along key townships namely Bandar Tasik Selatan, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, SalakTinggi and KLIA / KLIA2.

Passengers can check in at KL Sentral and head to KLIA2. The ticket is priced at RM55.00 per way and RM 100 for return while Child ticket is RM 25 one way and RM 45 for 2 ways. Passenger will also be able to enjoy a 10% discount if tickets are purchased from self-service kiosk. The journey with take you approximately 40 minutes to KLIA2. You also can park you vehicle at Bandar Tasik Selatan station and hop on the transit towards KLIA2. From Bandar Tasik Selatan station the tickets will cost RM 38.40 and your journey will be approximately 35 minutes to KLIA2.

If you are based closer to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya area,you may consider taking the train from the station which will cost RM8.00. The journey will take approximately 20 minutes. There is also another transit at SalakTinggi station to KLIA2 which only cost RM4.90. The journey will take approximately 11 minutes.

Just in case if you have a long stop over, you can take a 3 minutes train ride from KLIA station to KLIA2 station or vice versa which cost RM2.00.

KLIA Ekspres
[Image: klia2-express.png]
KLIA Express maintains a 99.7% on time record. KLIA Ekspres train service shares the same tracks as the KLIA Transit connecting to KLIA2. If you plan to travel directly to KLIA2, perhaps you can consider taking the KLIA Express. KLIA Express departs from KL Sentral directly to KLIA2. This is known as a fastest way to reach KLIA2 and KLIA.This will only cost you RM55.00 and the journey takes you approximately 30 minutes.

By taking KLIA Transit or KLIA Express, you will enjoy a convenient inter-terminal transfer, affordable fares and easy access to the KLIA2 terminal. The best part about the train fare, is it does not matter if you’re arriving at KLIA or KLIA2, the fare is still remains the same.

KLIA Express VIP service
This service is offered for those who prefers VIP treatment
Onboard facilities
  • Wifi
  • Rack for large luggage
  • Overhead rack for hand luggage
  • Onboard screen that shows latest news, weather and travel information

KLIA Transit Fares
[Image: erl-fares.jpg]
Flight Check In
Passengers can save time with hassle free check in at KL Sentral before taking their flights at KLIA2. At the moment passengers from Malindo Air offers baggage drop and check in at KL Sentral. 

KL Sentral
Klia2 Express is accessible to Kl Sentral which is one of the major transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur city. Kl Sentral is interconnected with major LRT, MRT  to passengers to access various areas such as Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and KTM train station to access destination across peninsular Malaysia.
[Image: Klang-Valley-Rail-Transit-Map-921x1024.png]

KLIA Express Train Times

[Image: KLIAekspres_schedule_updated.jpg]
Airport (KLIA) to city (KL Sentral)
First train departs 05:00 hrs
Last train departs 01:00 hrs

City (KL Sentral) to airport (KLIA)
First train departs 05:00 hrs
Last train departs 00:40 hrs

Journey time: 28 minutes (KLIA – KL Sentral), 33 minutes (KLIA2 – KL Sentral)
Every 15 minutes – peak hours: Sun to Fri 06:00-09:00 hrs, 16:00-22:00 hrs (approximate)
Every 20 minutes – off-peak hours: Sun to Fri 05:00-06:00 hrs, 09:00-16:00 hrs, 22:00-00:00 hrs (approximate); Sat all day
Every 30 minutes – after midnight

For KLIA Ekspres train schedule, click here.
Check if there is any temporary change in train schedule here due to maintenance works.

KLIA Transit Train Times 

[Image: KLIAtransit_schedule_updated.jpg]
Schedules are subject to change.
Seat reservation is not required. Boarding is on a first-come first-served basis. You are advised to allow ample time to reach your destination.

For KLIA Transit train schedule, click here.
(applicable until 30 September 2017)
Check if there is any temporary change in train schedule here due to maintenance works.

Buy Ticket HERE 

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