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Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?
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The financial news has been filled with headlines about cryptocurrency for over a year now and this has undoubtedly played a part in the huge increase in value the likes of Bitcoin and the rest have experienced.
While plenty acted quickly and got in on cryptocurrency, many other potential investors who have been cautiously considering making a move have held back fearing that the opportunity had gone when Bitcoin reached $20,000 and others like Ethereum and Ripple started making big gains.
Warnings about bubbles, regardless of who was making them, have largely gone unheeded. New price records have been set then broken on a regular basis. However, a market correction was always going to happen.

More details : Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?
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Well, this is a tough question. In my opinion, looking at the recent events in the crpto world, I don't think bitcoin will reach $20,000 again. It will not get to that level, not in the near future. There are so many factors that will prevent this from happening. The first of which is that bitcoin has far more competition now. Also, it is no longer that golden cryptocurrency we once knew as other coins are better and provides more value.

My advice to anyone interested in bitcoin is to cash in profit from its volatility. While I trade Forex at Tenkofx, I also use their cryptocurrency platform for bitcoin trading.
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Yes, it is the best time to get in cryptocurrency because now prices of different cryptocurrencies are low and experts are hoping that prices will jump again in near future and then we can make a profit.

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