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I am so much disturb
My neighbors make a routine to  quarrel at every in the night with his wife. In fact he beat his wife daily. I feel so  sad for her and much disturb for his misbehave and cannot concentrate on my study when i sit in the night for completing my task. I am so much disturbed to him and cannot bear it more. When I tell his misbehave to manager he cannot take a good step for solving  my problem. Now I have make a plan that I myself solve this problem but feel so sad that I don’ t know how I solve it. Have anyone suggest me that improve best for me to solve this problem?

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Well Isaiah! It is really bad thing that your neighbors are quarreled at every night. I will suggest to you that you earphone while study and you can also adjust the sound proof walls and can notify the police, and not to mention your name. I am sure that these are the really helpful to solve this problem.
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Isaiah, I think its really a bad thing. I think Daisy is right. You should use the earphones or headphone while studying or change the place. One more thing which you can do is to take them to the court because its not right to beat a women daily as she also has rights. I have another idea too. You can call the cops at the time when he will beat his wife then they will catch him and her wife can sue her after that he will pay heavily.
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Both of you guys shared nice views for my problem and after to read it i feel relax just for some moments and think that your suggestions are better for me to use earphone during my study time but on the other talk about his wife then i tell you that i wan complain to the head court for her but all of them are involved in this case just because my neighbor is a an inspector in the higher police departments so nobody take any step against him and if i take a step against him then i am sure that he will kill me for this reason that i have take a step against his him.I feel so much hesitate to tell you that i am nervous for it that i can not to do something for her.
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