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How is Forex different from other markets?
People want to make money from their home and Forex is becoming the most popular way of doing that. Most people around the world have invested their money in the Forex market and if they are trading or not, they have an account with their broker. This is the biggest investment market in the world where millions of people trade every day. If you compare the size of this industry with all the other stock markets of the world combined, you will find that this market has the size of a sofa when the others have the size of an egg. This is the Forex market and it has also much different than any other markets in the world. This article will tell you the reasons this market has gained much popularity than any other markets.
Do you know why currency trading is so much popular? This is only because most reputed broker like Saxo offers high leverage trading accounts to their clients. But having a leverage trading account doesn’t mean you will become a Forex millionaire. You have to learn technical and fundamental analysis very precisely. Based on that you have to develop a simple trading system to trade this market. If you ever consider trading as your full-time profession, you must learn all the key factors of the market.
Once you truly master the art of currency trading you will never have to look back. You can easily place big lot trade in your online trading account. But when you do so make sure you are not risking too much or else you might even blow your trading account.
Online trading market
This is the blessing of Forex to the people. Common people now do not need to go to their offices and trade in this industry. They can do it from their home and it is the reason this market is becoming popular every day. If you want to make money, you want to place the trade and get some money in your account, the currency market is the answer for you. Not only professional but people from other professions are also trading. They do not need to spend extra time in this market but can use their online time for making money. Accessing this market from their home has made Forex different from the other markets.
No closing, every day open
Stock markets are not open every day they have their weekly day offs but it is not the same in Forex. In this industry, you will find that when one market is closed, other markets are open. It can remind you of the British Empire story where the sun never set. This market is so big that you cannot trade in all the market in your lifetime. Professional traders suggest not placing the trade in holidays but people also trade in holidays.
The leverage
Leverage allows you to place big trades with your small account. The people open their account with a small amount of money as this market is volatile, it is easy to lose money. The answer is they will open an account with a very minimum amount but they can also have the wish for trading with big accounts. You need a big account when you know this trend is going to be successful for you. Leverage comes forward and allows the traders to place big trades with their small account of a minimum money. You also need to know that the losses are also big if you use leverage in the currency market. No other markets give leverage to the traders.

Online communities for traders
Currency Traders have online trading communities where you can get help about Forex trading. It is not in other markets. These online communities are a great help to the novice traders and professionals also give advice. You can know about the latest news and update in these communities.
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The forex market is a 24 hours trading market unlike stock market and is not country specific. Major markets open at Tokyo and when it closes, London takes over and then the New York market goes live until the next day when Tokyo market opens again. This seamless continuity isn't available in case of stock trading.

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You can access the market 24 hours a day. You can profit whether you buy or sell. I like Forex trading also because I can do it at the comfort of my home. Trading Forex is promising, but proper education is must. The broker that you're gonna use plays an important role as well. Right now, I am trading with FreshForex. Good spread, fast withdrawal, cryptos are available, and customer service is superb. I got my own account manager! I am also into bonuses, and their recent 101% Tradable Bonus gives me the ability to trade more.
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You can trade 24 hours a day. It is the most liquid financial market. You will love it! But you have to be careful especially when dealing with brokers. I once had a terrible experience with Ava Trade in my withdrawal.
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