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Guide to Start Your Business Using Coins.ph - Philippines

Get Php50.00 (convertible to Bitcoin) when you register with Coins.Ph and verify your account.
[Image: bannersample.png]

This blog was set-up to guide you step-by-step on how to start your own semi-online business (or businesses) using a free website app called coins.ph. :)

You can start the business with low or even no investment at all.  Plus you get free P50.00 in your account - you can use it to start your e-loading business or try the e-loading service yourself.

About Coins.ph:

Coins.Ph - is a leading innovative website/app that offers an online Peso & Bitcoin wallet that you can use to start several businesses such as >> eLoading, Mini-Bayad Center and Remittance Services. 

For personal needs, you can use coins.ph...

>> to load your own phone;

>> to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines - even if you're out of the country;

>> to pay your bills;

>> to get rebates for you paid bills;

>> to receive money for your freelance or V.A services;
>> to send & receive bitcoins worldwide; and more.

Coins.ph have been in business since 2014.  It is duly registered with both the Securities & Exchange Commission & Central Bank of the Philippines.

Coins.ph for business...

Coins.Ph for business is highly recommended for students, retirees, stay-at-home parents, PWDs and other interested Filipinos looking to start a new business (full or part-time).  

Coins.ph is ideal for currently employed individuals (as a sideline income) and for existing business owners (ex. sari-sari store or internet cafe owners) as an additional income source.

Coins.ph is also recommended for Bitcoin enthusiasts >> to buy/invest/trade Bitcoins/Ethereum OR to collect free Bitcoins or Satoshis online. :)  

All you need is one (1) CoinsPh account for personal and/or business use.

Coins.ph Features:
No set-up or registration fees - you can join and start for free. 

As mentioned, you will even receive a welcome bonus of P50.00 cash in your account when you join and verify your account.  You can use it to start or try out the E-Loading business. ^_^
Other features:
  • No franchise fee, no royalties,

  • No special sim needed,

  • No additional equipment or device to buy,

  • No software to install,

  • The system is very user-friendly, 

  • Easy to use even for non-techies.
Plus >> you can access your account anywhere and manage your business/es using your internet-connected PC desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, phablet, Android or smartphones.

Are You Ready? Click on the link below to start. ^_^

>> Step #1: Check requirements.

Again, CoinsPh is free to join, you are not required to invest or pay anything to set-up your CoinsPh account. 

Only one (1) CoinsPh account per individual is allowed.  

If you're a student, kindly see our NOTE at the end of this page. Thanks :)

CoinsPh Registration Requirements:
  • You must be at least 18 years old,
  • with one (1) valid government-issued I.D. (see list below),
  • with a valid email address,
  • with a working Cell Phone Number, and
  • with a PC, Laptop, tablet, phone or other device/gadget that can access the internet.

For MINORS: please provide a consent duly completed by your parent/legal guardian along with your and their identification documents.

Requirements Okay? ^_^

Next, proceed to Step #2: Register Your Free CoinsPh Account

How to Register a CoinsPh Account:

1.  Visit CoinsPh website then click on the green button to sign-up.

[Image: coinsPh-sign-up_link.jpg]
Note: You must be a new registrant and must complete the ID & Selfie verification to qualify for the PhP50.00 welcome bonus from Coins.Ph and 10,000 Satoshis credit from OJP.

2. Complete the sign-up form. Enter your email address & preferred password then click the "Continue" button.
[Image: coinsPh_sign-up_form_png.png]
Note: Your password must be at least 8 characters long 
and contain a number to be accepted.

3.  A verification form will appear saying that you need to check your email. So you have to login to your email account and look for a message from CoinsPh. Open the message, it will contain a verification code.  

Copy the code and paste it on the verification form then click the "Verify" button.

[Image: coinsPh_verification_form_png.png]
Congratulations! You now have a CoinsPh account.^_^

Note: Please proceed if CoinsPh prompted you to verify your phone no. right away,as this will add a level of security to your account. 

Next step >> Verify your account to get the welcome cash bonus.
Proceed to [b]STEP #3: Verify your CoinsPh account.

STEP #3: Verify Your Account

[Image: coins_ph_verification_250.png]

Verify Your CoinsPh Account

Aside from the welcome bonus & credits, verifying your account gives you access to more CoinsPh features. Verified accounts enjoy higher transaction limits and higher limits is a must if you are going to use CoinsPh for business.

Note: The identity verification is also CoinsPh's compliance with the BSP's (Bangko Sentral ng PilipinasKnow-Your-Customer or KYC Policy which is now being strictly enforced by the government.  

So get ready with your govt.-issued I.D., your webcam or camera phone and follow the steps below:

[b]1. Login to your CoinsPh account.


2. If you are not yet selfie-verified, a notification like the one below will always show each time you login to your account.  Click on the "Take Selfie" button then follow succeeding instructions.  After the selfie verification process, the I.D. verification will automatically follow.

[Image: takeselfie_verification-coinsph.jpg]
3. If above notification did not appear, click on the inverted triangle found at the upper-right-most area of your screen and select "Limits & Verifications".  Next click on "Verify Now" (Identity Verification) then follow succeeding instructions.

[Image: SH09%2BJanuary%2B02%252C%2B2017%2B04.09%2BPM.jpg]
    1. Note: "Identity Verification" is where you fill up the I.D. verification form and upload a photo of your govt.- issued I.D.  After this process, the "Selfie Verification" will automatically follow. 
    1.  (Important >>Make sure that you upload a clear & complete photo of your I.D. Selfie photo must likewise be clear (not blurry) to ensure CoinsPh approval.)
4. Wait for CoinsPh email notification. It would normally take CoinsPh around 1 to 3 days to review your submitted I.D. & selfie photo.

While waiting, you can proceed to the next step which is funding your account.  You got to have funds in your account so you can start testing the system like how to load, transfer funds, etc...   

Ways to fund your CoinsPh account is the next step:

Go to >> Step #4: Fund your CoinsPh account.
Funding Your CoinsPh Account

Basically, there are two ways to fund your CoinsPh account  >> (1.)with regular money (Philippine Pesos) or (2.) with Bitcoins (i.e. buy Bitcoins or collect free Bitcoins online).  

This Step is about funding your account with regular money.

List of Funding (cash in) options:

  1. Thru 7-11 Convenience Stores (Instant Funding),

  2. Via Banco De Oro or BDO Bank (Funding w/in 24 hours),

  3. Via Globe GCash (Instant),

  4. Via Cebuana Lhuillier Instant Cash-In (Instant),

  5. Via M. Lhuillier ePay (Instant)

  6. Thru online bank transfer or over the counter banking - BDO, BPI, Security Bank & UnionBank (Funding w/in 24 hours), and a few more options.
However, for this guide, we will only discuss two best options >> Options no. 1 & 2.
OPTION NO. 1: Thru 7-11 Convenience Stores

[Image: 7-11_logo.png]

Funding via 7-11 Convenience store is the fastest way to fund your CoinsPh account. You receive your funds instantly after paying the store cashier PLUS you can do it almost anywhere, at any time and on any day.

Things to Note:

Minimum amount is P20.00

Maximum is P20,000.00 (or your limit, whichever is higher)
Transaction fees for P20.00 to P100.00 is ZERO
Transaction fees for P101.00 to P20,000.00 is 2%

[b]Here are the steps:

 #1.  Login to your CoinsPh account and click on the "[i]Cash In" icon.

[Image: Cash_In_CoinPh.jpg]
 #2.  Select the 7-Eleven coinsXpress option and key-in the amount that you want to cash in.

[Image: 7-11%2Binstant%2Bcash%2Bin.jpg]

 #3.  Take note of your 7-Connect Reference Number and the amount due.

 #4.  Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store and request the cashier for a 7-Connect payment (give the reference number).

[b] #5.  Receive your funds instantly after paying.[/b]

OPTION NO. 2: Thru Banco De Oro (Over-The-Counter)
[Image: bdo_logo.jpg]

If you're not in a hurry, funding your CoinsPh account via Banco De Oro (Over-The-Counter & online banking) is the best option because of ZERO FEES.  This may change in the future but as of this writing CoinsPh is giving 100% fee rebate for all Peso wallet cash-ins.

100% rebate - meaning you will still pay the transaction fee but this fee will be credited back to your coins.ph account. :)

Things to Note:
Minimum amount is P15.00.
Maximum is P400,000.00 (or your limit, whichever is higher).

Here are the steps (Cash Deposit Over-The-Counter):

 #1.  While logged-in to your CoinsPh account - click on the "Cash In" icon.
[Image: Cash_In_CoinPh.jpg]

 #2.  Select  "BDO Bank" option then  "BDO Cash Deposit" as payment method. Click "Next Step" button.

[Image: BDO%2Bcash%2Bdeposit.jpg]

 #3.  Key-in the amount you want to cash in.  You will receive an email after placing your order.

 #4.  Check your email. Take note of CoinsPh BDO account no., amount due and reference number.

 #5.  Go to the nearest Banco De Oro branch (see list of BDO brancheshere) and fill up a deposit form with the following details:

·         Date

·         Check SAVINGS and PESO

·         CoinsPh Account Number

·         Account Name: Coins.Ph

·         Reference Number, and

·         Amount due.

 [b] [/b]#6.  Pay the amount due.  You will receive the funds in your CoinsPh account within 24 hours.

That's it!  Your account has funds! :)

But if you don't want to invest money yet, you can proceed with the next step which is - funding your account with Bitcoins thru Bitcoin collecting.

Next will be sharing steps to start collecting free bitcoins as well as other digital coins.  

Sign up your FREE ACCOUNT HERE! and get P50 after verifying your account! 

P/S: If you like this post, please feel free to share with your family and friends. 
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It was a good business in the duration of 2017-2018 but then at the end of 2018 peoples who have spent money on it have got a lose through it, so as a business plan writer I would not suggest investing money in these coins to make your's business. It can be a non-beneficial business for the year 2019.
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