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What is the advantage of Automated Forex System Trading?
Forex trading now offers millions of people with an automated Forex system trading so that traders can employ a pre-programmed trading system for their Forex trade. There are many advantages to  these automated trading systems in Forex market. However, it is essential to understand how it works before using an automated trading system.
Idea of Automated Forex System Trading
An automated Forex system trading is the trading in Forex market that is performed on the basis of computerized programs. These programs are developed on the basis of best strategies for trading. This program can be developed according to the trading approach. This would be a customized automated trading in Forex market, but you can also get the pre-programmed automated systems that can be installed on the computer. These automated systems can run on the basis of robotic Forex trading. In addition to this, these programs can also be created on the basis of signal based trading.

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[Image: web-zombie-bank.jpg]
A zombie bank is an alarming characteristic of the modern economy.
The term zombie bank refers to a financial institution that has an economic net worth which is less than zero; basically, it signifies that this financial institution is in debt. A financial institution that is in debt itself should no longer be called a financial institution as it does not have any money that it can provide to other people; in addition, it should not be trusted with people’s money as this money may actually be used to pay off debts.
Nevertheless, even though zombie banks are in debt, they are continued to be called financial institutions. They can continue performing in this capacity because their debts are being settled through credit provided by the

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