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Forexmart- News Release
(05-29-2017, 09:12 PM)syazam06 Wrote: Kat mana nak tengok berita ini

Sila layari website kami di https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news untuk berita terkini dan tidak ketinggalan
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Vietnamese Prime Minister to Sign Deal Worth $17B with America
Wed May 31, 2017
watermarkEconomic news

[Image: 7a8705ff4846b72ec908c8b46df52fdf.png]

A trade deal between the United States and Vietnam worth $15 billion of goods and services will be signed during the visit of Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc during his next meeting on Wednesday in Washington D.C. This is centered on latest technology products and services which will importantly raise imports of such products to the from the U.S. 

The bilateral trade deficit of Vietnam with the U.S. has widened from $7 billion reaching almost $32 billion in the past 10 years. Also, this shows rising imports of electronic products besides the traditional business sectors such as footwear, clothing, and furniture. It poses a problem for the country while they remain optimistic that this can still be amended and enhance their trade relationship, according to Lighthizer as the U.S. Trade Representative. They promised to lessen the gap in figures with their principal trading partners. 

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Indian Economy Boost by 7.2 percent, World Bank Says
Mon Jun 05, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: de7abdb67d46387b530e8fd45ae75c4da84abf38.jpg]

Apparently, India was able to recover from the negative effects brought by the demonetization as the World Bank estimated a 7.2 percent strong growth for the Indian economy, compared with 6.8 percent gained in 2016.
According to an official from the said international financial institution, they revised its projections regarding India’s improvement with 0.4  percentage points versus forecast made in January, however, the country still wear the crown as the fastest major economy to grow among other countries around the world. While the growth forecast for China remained steady at 6.5 percent for this year and 6.3 percent for the upcoming 2018 and 2019.
Based from the most recent Global Economic Prospects of World Bank, projected growth for India is 7.5 percent by the year 2018 and 7.7 percent for the following year, 2019.
In both years, the assessment was down to 0.3 percent and 0.1 percent points in comparison to predictions in the first month of the year.
Given that increase towards the India’s economy in FY2017 is roughly lower than the previous predictions that reflect indicates a sustained resurgence in the private investment sector as foreseen back then.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/742
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Surge in Chinese Trades Amid Weakened Economic Growth
Thu Jun 08, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: 31c5ebc4335233437528b9be5e38bb29d45671b9.jpg]

Reports indicating China is gaining momentum in the economy as both exports and imports rallied in May, denoting an improvement in the economy. Exports climbed to $191billion gained 8.7 pc while imports rose to $150.2 billion gained 14.8 pc. It exceeded the expectation of 7.2 pc and 8.3 pc for exports and imports respectively. On the other hand, the trade surplus grew $2 billion to $40.8 billion in April.
However, concern arises that it would be difficult for Beijing to sustain the current pace. Future trade data could hamper growth aiming to curb the large debt of the country. A sluggish credit growth amid weak economic activity in the succeeding quarters will affect progress, warned by an economist. Other data also reflects weakened growth with the ongoing weaker demand and surplus in industrial capacity because of debt-driven infrastructure.
Concerns about increasing debt levels prompted Moody’s agency to cut its Chian credit rating for the first time in almost 30 years. In 2016, its economy growth was at its weakest rate and it is anticipated that growth will further weaken this year.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/760
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Tighter Housing rules in South Korea
Mon Jun 19, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: e24caf5140f3eae5aececbd1425bb16e87fc416c.jpg]

South Korea implemented tighter mortgage rules and adjust speculations regarding the resale of housing particularly in Seoul and certain parts of Busan which aims to stabilize the housing market and rising household debt. The most recent policy is the extension of policy in November last year when the government began tuning up housing investments amid rising concerns in household debt.
Instead of nationwide adjustments, the government is applying a “targeted approach” particularly to cities with the housing bubble and to lessen the effect on the construction sector.

Starting July 3rd, the government will tighten its loans limits by changing its current 70 percent of property value cost to 60 percent in areas where overheating of the housing bubble is seen.  Debt settlement will also be restricted to 50 percent from home buyers’ annual income in those certain regions. The resale of newly built apartments will be limited until the process of registration in property ownership has been settled.

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China Factory Accelerate In June, says Caixin
Mon Jul 03, 2017

watermarkEconomic news

[Image: 3c6f451a89651682c852e15f944fea0b.jpg]
Factory activity in China improved in June as company reports came in slightly stronger as new orders and number of productions heightened. The Caixin Purchasing Managers' Index accelerated to 50.4 for this month in comparison with 49.6 results in May, based on the figures from the poll of IHS Markit released on Monday. As expected, the readings declined to 49.8, a score greater than 50 suggests an expansion. New orders grew marginally at its fastest pace since March. This resulted to an upsurge in the manufacturing with a marginal rate in June.
Provided jobs had lowered down last month which indicates that the percentage of job shedding abated on its modest pace which is the most sluggish three months ago.
The purchasing activity grew in the second quarter, however, corporations deal with a leery attitude on inventories.
Output charges and input costs boost at end of Q2. Having said that, inflation rates showed a slackening performance since the earlier months of 2017.
The customer demand was relatively subdued that put pressure on the optimistic tone against the 12-month business outlook, along with its weakening confidence on its six-month low in June.

sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/851
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