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Forexmart- News Release
Brazil Trade Surplus Exceeded Expectations at $7.1B
Tue Apr 04, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: aaf794c631a64ec5973c9716b44daee81dd7a408.jpg]

The trade surplus for the month of March was recorded to reach $7.1 billion according to the government data of Brazil. It has exceeded the expected output with $6.8 billion surplus according to forecasted poll of Reuters. It was not that influenced even though the beef exports fell because of recent corruption scandal causing a non-permanent ban on imports of China and Hong Kong.
The aggregated exports reached $20.1 billion while imports figure was tallied to $12.9 billion. Beef exports declined by 6.1 percent while both poultry and pork exports increased up to 7 and 33.4 percent respectively in comparison with the statistics in the same month a year ago.
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[Image: 42d34b6fcc2673af370459e97d5d7d37.png]
Perbankan Lobby Eropah Menaikkan Kebimbangan dalam Kestabilan kewangan ke atas Brexit

Jika rundingan Brexit tidak berakhir dengan baik boleh menjejaskan perbankan borong dan kestabilan kewangan mengikut lobi perbankan di Eropah. Persatuan Pasaran Kewangan di Eropah (AFME) menekankan kebimbangan yang dihadapi dalam Brexit termasuk akses kepada blok tetapi pada masa yang sama bertujuan untuk mengekalkan menjadi sebahagian daripada pasaran tunggal. Sebaliknya, Sekuriti dan Pasaran Lembaga Eropah (ESMA) dikatakan menjadi penting dalam menyelesaikan isu mengekalkan "kesetaraan" Operasi antara E.U. dan bukan E.U. firma, mengikut AFME.

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Norwegian Airlines Announced Low-Cost Fare Flights

[Image: 963ebfdf3bc76b8c52c325f2cf454ced.jpg]

A low-cost transatlantic  airline of Norway is about to launch, with a route from Denver International Airport to London Gatwick, this September. The carrier will take flight via Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This air passenger widens the entry points bridging the State of Colorado and the British country.

The Norwegian airline will offer one-way economy class fares which include taxes, however, fees for meals and luggage will start at $199.
The lowest one-way ticket cost $289 which covers seat reservation, meals and checked baggage allowance.
Services will be effective on the 17th of September but tickets are already available on Wednesday on their website, Norwegian.com/us. Included on the site is the fare calendar of the airline showing the dates of the cheapest fares.
Each week Norwegian imposes four flights every Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/515
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Indian Economy to Accelerate by 7.4%, says ADB

The Indian economy is projected to increase by  7.4% amid the fiscal year 2017-2018 versus its previous growth of 7.1%. The boost occurred due to lift in public investment and demand in consumption goods based on the statement of Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Thursday.
According to the latest 2017 report of  Asian Development Outlook (ADO), 2016-17 GDP data failed to obtain the demonetization effects and the decline influenced the continuous slide of investments.
Moreover, ADO anticipates for the consumption to climb higher since there are additional bank notes set in the circulation following the shock withdrawal on highest-valued currencies happened on the 8th of November. The plan for an increase in salary and state employees pension were already implemented.
The ADB further expected the acceleration to 5.2% in the current year till 2018 while 5.4% in the coming 2018-19 considering the economic recovery along with the rebound of commodity prices.
[Image: 57fbed9a67891f9005ff28a22488ff9d.jpg]
sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/523
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Italy’s Morando Expressed Predictions on Brexit
Mon Apr 10, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: b90d0ecf97d0dc29625695bd6d28175d8fc76082.jpg]

The Deputy Finance Minister of Italy, Enrico Morando has declared a pragmatic assessment regarding the Brexit process coupled with its impact on the world economy.
As Morando speaks on the sidelines during the Ambrosetti Finance Workshop held in Cernobbio, Italy, he said that a drastic scenario was ruled out in Britain. However, there were claims that when the exit is already complete risks will still exist in the British economy.
The 66-year old Italian politician further stated on Saturday that the EU exit will bring greater effect to the United Kingdom compared with the European Union.
He also added that the consequences of such catastrophic event cannot be predicted easily, expressing that those who envisioned these aftereffects did not consider both positive and negative aspects and should be done with a fair approach.
The economic stance of Britain became resilient enough after the referendum in June. The pound declined towards its lows which haven’t seen for 31 years, however economists specified that the sterling appeared as a pressure valve that provided an essential lift to the exporters during the economic stress.

sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/528
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S. Korean Economy Showed Signs of Economic Improvement
Tue Apr 11, 2017

[Image: 56eb2f08b31a6b5643e001d8085c8bf1.jpg]
As stated in the monthly economic assessment report of the government published on Tuesday, the stable surge in investments, exports, and uplift in households consumption has spearheaded the economy and manifested signs for an upturn.
The statistics are based on the most recent economic drivers including the consumption, corporate investment, exports and production that has given some indications concerning the improvement of the country within the past months.
The finance ministry has mentioned that the fast-moving exports led the upside pace of the production sector. While the outgoing cargoes grew more by 13.7 as the fuel products and semiconductor had risen sharply yearly in March. It further indicated a fifth consecutive annual growth which happened for the first time, the last time was recorded on December 2011.
The output for the industrial sector declined by 3.4 percent during January and February, however, it boosted by 6.6 percent a year ago as the car and machinery manufacturing escalated.
The ministry of finance revealed that amid the favorable indications of the sovereign state, the internal and external downside pressure continue to rise in the upcoming months.
sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/534
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Berita ekonomi
Dapatkan berita ekonomi terkini dari ForexMart, termasuk maklumat terkini mengenai pasaran kewangan, pengumuman dasar bank pusat, petunjuk kewangan, dan berita lain yang berkaitan yang boleh memberi kesan kepada industri.
[Image: 954484800343ac14da9424b772fdd90d.png]
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Layari https://www.forexmart.com/my/calendar untuk melihat Berita Ekonomi Terkini di forexmart:
[Image: 695c9ac6b46aac41ce3be6535872ccaf.png]
Mengetahui apa yang akan berlaku seterusnya dalam pasaran kewangan dengan kalendar Forex Ekonomi ForexMart ini.
Kalendar Forex Ekonomi ForexMart ialah masa sebenar, disesuaikan, dan pelbagai fungsi, alat forex yang membolehkan pedagang-pedagang untuk mengemas kini dengan peristiwa-peristiwa pasaran terkini dan paling relevan. Semua maklumat yang boleh berpotensi memberi kesan perdagangan anda akan disenaraikan dan dianalisis di sini.
Seorang pedagang yang tahu lebih, keuntungan lebih. Menggunakan Kalendar Forex Ekonomi ForexMart dan menjadi pedagang yang lebih baik hari ini.
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Oil Rate Dropped After Failed Attempt in Korean Missile Test
Mon Apr 17, 2017

[Image: 807b955d62f4be5205c4259e6cfc7041.png]
Following the Easter holiday this weekend and the benchmark increased for three successive weeks, the crude oil dropped on Monday which induces the U.S. to increase its production output but against the OPEC cut its output. This was mainly due to the failed missile launch of North Korea on Sunday.
The benchmark rate declined by 56 cents then it rose by 3 cents at $55.89 per barrel before the market closing prior to the holiday while an additional of 11 oil rigs were established with a now a total of 683 which is the highest in almost two years. Overall, the market trading was tranquil at the start of the week with the London being the center of trading closed for holidays.
Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/552
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H-1B Applications Crash as Employers Prepare for Stricter Reforms
Tue Apr 18, 2017
[Image: fx6.png][Image: 070ca9311f6c7804ce517ff73aec8177427a5e9b.jpg]

Tech employers are now applying for fewer H-1B visas for skilled workers this year as compared to last year after going down by 16% amid concerns that the Trump administration might be imposing additional restrictions to the implementation of the said program. Visa-looking employers for 2018 submitted only 199,000 applications, a drastic drop compared to last year’s filing of 236,000 applications. This particular visa program is the backbone of the US tech industry, as it allows tech firms to hire high-skilled workers for US-based tech jobs which they are currently having trouble filling up.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/economic-news/article/558
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