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Forexmart- Analytical Reviews
EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: July 07, 2017

The Euro against the British pound declined amid a high volatile trading on Thursday session. It reached the 0.750 level which is becoming supportive but the market eventually broke higher than the 0.88 handle. This is an extremely bullish move and traders could move towards the 0.8850 level which is strongly resistive. Hence, there is a chance for a pullback but the market will most likely look for a significant support at 0.88 handle.
Volatility will persist in the market especially since the Brexit negotiation is at ground zero. Headlines regarding the exit of Britain from the European Union and concerns on what happens next will continue. Commentaries from both sides will remain to be the center of attention and volatility will most likely carry on regardless of the outcome.
Buying pullbacks are recommended in trading this pair as the market behaves differently over the past several hours. Eventually, the pair would reach the 0.90 level and above. It may not be practical to short this pair since the British pound faces various headlines that make it riskier in the current situation that makes this market difficult to handle this pair.
Overall, the market will most likely favor the uptrend after the recent move. Keep in mind that the pair is sensitive per tick in the market that makes smaller positions to be the ideal trades to engage in this market.

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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: July 11, 2017

The market had a long day yesterday since there are few market drivers present in the market which resulted in a low volatility and low liquidity as well. This naturally occurs during the first day of the week, except when there is a special progress happened over the weekend, but there were none. There are expectations for further actions for this day since traders already recovered from its weekend blues and started to continue trading.
The EURUSD does not move a lot in the past 24 hours by which the pair moved on a certain side of the 1.14 region without any development in a particular direction. The US dollar remained steady and it’s quite surprising that American traders failed to lead the run during a follow-up action on Friday. Moreover, the NFP report showed a moderately strong position that relieved the fears and uncertainties towards the US economy and this also help the greenbacks to stabilize.
On the first part of the day, it is anticipated that US traders will support the USD to gain further, however, unable to accomplish it. The concerns regarding the ability of the Trump administration to implement their policies remain to continue, but there are barriers in every step. The possibility that the United States will face difficulty for the next couple of years increases in consideration with the changes in policy. This also explains the hesitation of investors and traders about not engaging with the greens, even if the employment report was stable.
Some reports say that the ECB may not deal with tapering in the next months but it did not bring such impact against the EUR.
Ultimately, there are no major economic releases except for the speech from a Fed member later this day. It is projected for more actions this day on the back of market’s inactivity but the favor remains for the euro-dollar pair.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/analytical-rev...ly-11-2017
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