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Forexmart- Analytical Reviews
Ulasan analisis

ulasan analisis Forexmart ini menyediakan analisis terkini maklumat teknikal mengenai pasaran kewangan. Laporan-laporan ini terdiri daripada trend saham, ramalan kewangan, laporan ekonomi global, dan berita politik yang memberi kesan kepada pasaran

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JUNE 13, 2017 10:16 AM
GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: June 13, 2017

 The GBP/USD remain trading in a sluggish stance which makes its very susceptible to another correction through the 1.2550 level considering that UK Prime Minister May have had a tough time to roughly establish a government. The delays further triggered the situation adding more risk and uncertainties. The pressure felt by the British currency reflects these things as unclear and the only thing needed is to drive the Cable to manage a breakdown.
Despite an ill-fated election experienced by the Conservatives, PM May continued to try her best in holding on to her powers though there are some appeals for the British politician to resign from her party. Her plan to cobble the majority remains vague due to a manifold of issues between the DUP and the Conservatives arguments which could lead to a very difficult negotiation.
This further indicates that European leaders would likely to have a weak leader in dealing with the Brexit concerns. This is the final matter of contention that the UK wanted to put in order, however, Merkel & Co., showed satisfaction about this prospect for they prefer to deal with an unsteady PM.
There is no assurance how long May will survive in spite of the survival tactics she is currently doing. It further caused the pound to be severely weak as it comes hither to danger in the past 24 hours.
The CPI data is expected to release from the UK later this day while the overall economic statistics of Great Britain in the previous months showed a steady stance. However, any softening could prompt the GBP to lose its support around 1.2650 area moving ahead of the mark 1.25 throughout the day.

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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: June 15, 2017

The British pound against the Japanese yen declined during the Wednesday session after moving sideways for the past hours of the day. The market broke lower than the 140 handle as it reached the 139 handle. Hence, there will be volatility in the overall trend especially since there are other factors affecting both currencies. 

It looks like the overall downtrend will persist until the gap higher than the 141 level has been filled and the market will attempt to attain the said level. Moreover, the Fed Reserve rates announcement will influence the market which will add to the unpredictability of the market. Most likely the reaction will mimic the trading of the USD/JPY pair. 

For now, the market is uncertain on what to do with the British currency. Thus, it is not far from happening that the pair will continue to rally and offer more selling opportunities that make shorting this pair more practical. The market could attempt to move towards the 139 region or even lower. 

The overall volatility in the market makes positioning smaller trades to be more advisable if the trader attempts to join amid the current market condition with very high volatility. Traders need to take note the succeeding 24 hours trend of this pair which will be essential as the Federal Reserve announcement shakes the market making it more risky to trade. Also, be careful since there is a higher probability of incurring losses although this would just be for a short period of time. 


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GBP/NZD Technical Analysis: June 19, 2017

The British pound against the New Zealand dollar rebounded in its descending channel resistance as it moves towards the support region. If the base of the support region at 1.7300 handle is sustained, there is a possibility for another retest of the resistance level. 

The stochastic diagrams are demonstrated the market has entered oversold area. This implies that the sellers are weakening and buyers are starting to dominate the trend. There is the least resistance found below as the 200-day Simple Moving Average is above the 100-day Simple Moving Average. The current price trend could initiate a selloff at a steeper price which could follow a break lower. 

Traders are expecting for a hawkish decision from the central bank this week but are still in a better position compared to the British currency that abruptly shifted following a hawkish decision from the Bank of England. Data from the U.K. gave a mixed results although, both the inflation rates and consumer spending send off signal for policymakers to tighten its policy rates to be able to sustain growth. 

Headlines about Brexit talks and the recent speech from the queen somehow gives risk in the financial market especially the concerns in hard Brexit or end it all which would then gives a bearish sentiment in the market. However, this could end up positively which would be favorable for all that brings a bullish sentiment for the pound. 

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EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: June 20, 2017

The Euro against the British pound declined during the Monday session as it reached the 0.725 region. A rebound from that level propelled the trend down to 0.8775 level. There is a chance that 0.88 level and above becomes a significant resistance which is the next target of the pair. 

Looking back at the long-term charts, several breakouts were seen and there are some levels being supportive. These breakouts indicate bullishness in the trend that is not yet filled. Although, there will be much more buying opportunities if the price fell down to the base of the trend. If the price breaks higher than the 0.88 handle, then the market could go higher towards the 0.8850 level then to 0.90 region.   

Overall, there will be choppiness in the market with the ongoing Brexit negotiation which brings uncertainty among traders. However, the principal driver of the movement of the pair will still be the major news as traders try to determine what will happen next as priority more than anything else. There are still remaining time and choppiness will still be present for the next few months or a few years later. 

The market will most likely move upward which makes buying more propitious wif given an opportunity. The breakdown could go down much further but would be favorable for seller this time whereas the bullish pressure will be lessened which would shift the overall sentiment of the market. 

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USD/JPY Technical Analysis: June 21, 2017

 The USD/JPY pair is currently trading at 111.32 points after dropping by -0.12%. The currency pair reached its daily highs at 111.50 points and its range lows at 111.26 points. The currency pair is currently downtrodden and dropped past 111.80 points now that the dollar strength is slowly losing its effect. In spite of the negativity within the market as of the moment, the yen was able to still inch higher.
 The USD will still be able to keep itself afloat after Yellen expressed her positive sentiments with regards to the overall outlook of the US economy, an indication that the central bank might be implementing additional rate hikes in the future. On the other hand, if Carney’s statement proves to be true, then the international risk within the market might not be as dangerous as what was initially projected by market players during the past weeks. Now that the Bank of Japan is pushing through with its stimulus expansion, the gap between the BoJ and the Fed could possibly grow in a matter of weeks. The BoJ released the minutes of its policy meeting last April, where it showed that the central bank’s officials are expecting the country’s inflation projections to remain on the downside. This will then trigger a positive response from the USD/JPY pair.

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