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Forexmart- Analytical Reviews
GBP/USD Technical Analysis: May 12, 2017
The British currency had a significant decline in the day during the Thursday session, considering that the 1.2950 mark provided a little bit of resistance.
The Bank of England does not appear to be hawkish which indicates that it did not coincide with the people’s expectation, moving lower and breaking through the uptrend line. Nevertheless, the buoy around the upper trend line found at 1.2850 range suggests that buyers should get in the market.
The trade does not appear to be easy which, therefore, caused buyers to made a reversal and showed no interest in selling. Moving towards the upside of the Cable entails dealing with a massive amount of volatility but a break down under the region 1.2850 will push downwards and test the significant level 1.2750 which is the previous resistance. A cut through on top of that area will suddenly make a healthy stance for the pound
A large trend is ruled out and building small positions would be better in order to make an advantage upon moving to the upside. Moreover, patience is required while waiting for the opportunities to open its door to go through the near-term charts.
Furthermore, the market is assumed to climb higher however it looks like focusing excessively on the future causing this general activity to grind in a while.
Hence, risking too much capital in a single trading position is out of bounds.

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Ulasan analisis
ulasan analisis Forexmart ini menyediakan analisis terkini maklumat teknikal mengenai pasaran kewangan. Laporan-laporan ini terdiri daripada trend saham, ramalan kewangan, laporan ekonomi global, dan berita politik yang memberi kesan kepada pasaran
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[Image: c5dc235ab4340bd4a96a22a58ba66366.png]
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USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: May 17, 2017
 The USD/JPY pair continued to experience tremendous selling pressure, with the currency pair now plummeting towards its weekly lows at the 112.35-40 trading range. The currency pair is now consistently trading with bearish tones for the fourth straight session. The recent slew of disappointing economic data has now somewhat lessened the possibility of a speedier rate-tightening from the Fed, and this has put a lot of downward pressure on the value of the US dollar. This bearish undertone of the greenback was further aggravated by reports that Trump had been leaking confidential information from the Oval Office directly to members of the Russian government, in addition to Trump sacking FBI Director James Comey.
 As such, the appeal of the Japanese yen as a safe-haven asset was further boosted by a lot of investors moving their funds into safer assets due to several political uncertainties in the US economy, particularly due to a severe drop in the value of US Treasury bond yields. Now that the US economy looks poised for the worst, the USD/JPY pair is now largely dependent on broad market-risk sentiment which could possibly cause the currency pair to further drop in value.
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USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: May 18, 2017

The USD/CAD pair is probably the only major currency that was able to take full advantage of the dollar weakness. The USD has been suffering severe repercussions from the negative political events happening within the US economy, but the loonie is still looking very good and remains ranging and consolidating on both sides of 1.3600 points without any certain directions as of the moment. Although this has resulted into a choppy price action for the pair, it is pretty much evident that the pair’s bulls will be able to weather any corrections that the pair might encounter. 
The dollar has been adversely affected by reports of Trump dipping his hands into certain investigations, and these allegations made international headlines during the past days. This has also affected the possibility of a rate hike next month, causing the market to revoke its current pricing of a rate hike which was initially priced at 90%. All of this has led to major dollar selling across the market. Oil prices are also looking pretty stellar as of the moment, and a combination of these events would normally lead to a major correction in the value of the USD/CAD pair. This is why it is so surprising that the pair is still consolidating and seems to be unaffected by the several events happening within  the market. The pair is now looking poised for another breakthrough at 1.4000 points. 
For today’s session, there are expected releases from both the US and the Canadian economy, and this is why the current events are expected to be the dominant market trend although the USD/CAD pair is expected to remain consolidating. 

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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: May 18, 2017

The British pound against the Japanese yen surged in the beginning of Thursday session following a huge sell-off that eased the condition of the market. There is a significant resistance found close to the 144.80 level for a few times and it seems that it will consolidate soon. The next target would be at 143.50 level then towards the 143 handle. There is a risk in the lower channel since the pair is sensitive and unpredictable when there is a major news to occur. 

The pair seems to be in a risk on/risk off situation because of the stock market. Although the market tried to rally during the day, the market is still shaken because of the issue with Trump that leads the market to think of the initial reaction that results to overbuying. There is still uncertainty that some traders are cautious to buy unless a candle pattern is formed in the long-term. There is a chance that the next move would be directed downward while shorting this pair makes it easier to gain. Yet, it may best to buy when a supportive candle is formed although it may take some time. 

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...ay-18-2017
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Ulasan analisis

ulasan analisis Forexmart ini menyediakan analisis terkini maklumat teknikal mengenai pasaran kewangan. Laporan-laporan ini terdiri daripada trend saham, ramalan kewangan, laporan ekonomi global, dan berita politik yang memberi kesan kepada pasaran

SIla layari >>>https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-reviews untuk lebih lanjut 

[Image: c5dc235ab4340bd4a96a22a58ba66366.png]
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USD/CAD Technical Analysis: May 30, 2017

The USD/CAD appeared to be negative throughout Monday session, however, it starts to search for another leg close to 1.3425 handle.
 The market is in the downtrend at some point, which is highly influenced by the oil markets.
The trading yesterday was very thin as the oil sector surge which established a bearish pressure towards the USDCAD. It will be a challenge when the full volume returned to the marketplace which could absolutely persuade the market eventually.
Ability to break on top of 1.35 handle requires the market to continue moving higher. Otherwise, a renewed lows would significantly cause a breakdown and maybe, it could touch 1.33 handle. However, the route could be really choppy which obliged the participants to be cautious.
Previously, a downtrend is prominent despite the noise around the crude oil markets, this could lead to a sudden shift.
In case that the oil industry breaks on top of $50.50 level based on the WTI grade, the market will initiate a significant collapse. Contrarily, a cut through beneath $50 level could possibly prompt the pair to rally towards the upside giving an opportunity to resume a longer-term uptrend which is common and important in the past few weeks.
The next moves are highly anticipated and there are predictions that it could be best to take a pause on the sidelines, waiting for a correlating move from both markets prior investing a large amount to work.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...ay-30-2017
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: June 2, 2017
The Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar did not have a good trading session on Thursday. It breaks at the 0.74 level followed by a rebound towards the 0.7420 region. Since then, the market declined and broke to a fresh new low. Currently, the pair is depreciating and makes it more vulnerable to further decline especially since the jobs data will come out today.
If the jobs data met the expectations, then this will most likely push the currency lower towards the 0.73 handle. However, if the pair moves in the upper channel then this would open opportunities to buy this pair especially if it breaks higher than the 0.7475 region. Although, we cannot be certain of now if this would occur since the market is still undecided on which direction to choose.
The next target for this pair is 0.73 level with the tendency to move forward which makes it more favorable for selling. The market already anticipates this and it will be good to follow so.
It seems that the currency is having a difficult time while the New Zealand dollar is performing better. Even so, traders still opt for the Aussie but traders should be cautious in buying this pair in the current low levels.
Overall the pair is sold-off by traders and it is reasonable to move along with this move. However, if this pair opens for the 0.73 region, this will push the price to lower levels immediately.
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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: June 5, 2017

The British pound against the Japanese yen declined during the Friday session following a surge in the start changing the “risk on” attitude in a rapid pace. Moreover, the U.S. jobs data worsen the situation which is less than expected. There is also a lot of risk appetite from the market which is contradictorily beneficial for the pair. 

From the current psychological levels, it seems that the market will rally from here on directed towards the 143 handle. The 142 level below gives significant support and if the market is able to sustain this, there is a higher chance for a rebound. 

However, if the price breaks lower than the 142 level instead, the next move will most likely go down towards the 141 handle. Nevertheless, there is a high chance for volatility and choppiness which is already expected for this pair especially since it is risk sensitive. 

Buying in the lows is advantageous for the market that makes it easier to trade this pair. However, it seems that this is fitting for buyers to get involved. Consequently, the market will go down towards the 143 handle and down to 144 handle. 

For long-term, this pair will tend to move higher but the current risk appetite is uncertain but the stock market is reliable that could reverse trades lower in the day on Friday. This makes selling less appealing in the current condition. 

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...ne-5-2017-
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JUNE 8, 2017 08:13 AM
NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 8, 2017

The New Zealand dollar dropped in the beginning of Wednesday session. There is a sufficient support found in the 24-hour EMA in the hourly chart sufficient to reverse the trend to move higher. It seems that the pair would try to reach the 0.72 region and above. A breakout would be the best deal as this makes the start of buying again similar with staying in the lows and how long can it be maintained on yesterday trading. 

The pair could further rise if the commodity market, regardless of its type, steadies as it gains strength. It could be the CRB or the ETF outside of the U.S. that are still part of the commodity market as a whole. 

Buying on the lows is still ideal for this pair despite its breakdown during the Wednesday session. The 0.7150 is found to be supportive especially the 0.71 handle. Hence, it won’t be long before the buyers dominate the market again considering its value when retreated to lower levels. 

Consequently, there will be volatility seen in the trend from time to time which is an opportunity for bulls waiting for a chance to sell this pair when the Kiwi recovers.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...ne-8-2017-
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