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Forexmart- Analytical Reviews
EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: April 24, 2017
This week brought the EURGBP to a breakdown following attempts of rally towards the 0.85 handle. A significant fall through with this level has higher chances to move deeper.
This scenario could possibly take place in case the French elections continued to sway against the EU direction.
Moreover, the  British currency set off in the upside and assumed to extend this influence over the pair. The buying activity is currently ruled out.
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USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: April 25, 2017
 The USD/JPY pair had a very volatile trading session last Monday although it managed to finish the session on a much higher note as investors reacted to the first round of the French national elections. However, the currency pair dropped slightly, an indication that investors were pretty much sure of the election results and were now moving towards other geopolitical events such as the North Korean issues and an impending shutdown in the US economy. The JPY could possibly resume its rally if concerns over geopolitical issues would increase over time. Meanwhile, the USD was also unable to stabilize itself due to a drop in Treasury yields and a very dismal US economic data.
 As of the moment, the results of the French elections are showing that Macron could easily eclipse Le Pen in the second round of the elections, which is scheduled on May 7. The USD/JPY pair is not expected to make a significant reaction to the election unless Le Pen would be able to surpass Macron’s current lead in the elections. On the other hand, a looming government shutdown is expected from the US economy could possibly happen once the shutdown deadline of April 28 would fail to see the government passing enough legislations to ensure that certain branches of the government would not have to cease operating. Although the economy itself still has some back up funds which could ensure the economic stability of the country for several more months, this is not a good sign for the economy and investors are expected to act in accordance to this particular occurrence. Once this happens, then investors could possibly move towards safer assets such as the Japanese yen.
 But the main focus of USD/JPY investors for this week are the events in North Korea, with the demand for safer assets expected to stay in place due to tensions created by the North Korean missile and nuclear program.
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USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: April 26, 2017
 The Canadian dollar backtracked during yesterday’s session and this provided enough leeway for the USD/CAD pair to advance towards 1.3500 and even 1.3600 and even reached 1.3626 during yesterday’s trading session. However, as the day progressed oil prices began to improve and this enabled the CAD to recover and has then put downward pressure on the USD/CAD pair, causing it to sink towards 1.3600 and even 1.3550 as yesterday’s session came to a close.
 Donald Trump has regained his footing with regards to his rhetoric on neighboring countries, something which has not happened in a few months after Trump seemed to lie low on this particular issue. However, as yesterday’s session saw the President regain his focus on the matter, he has reiterated that he still has his sights set on building a border wall across Mexico. In addition, he also said that he will be realigning the NAFTA agreement with Canada, and this could possibly lead to the US restricting its trade ties with Canada. This has then caused the Canadian dollar to drop in value as traders reacted to this particular news.
 For today’s session, the US will be releasing its oil inventory data while there are no expected releases coming from the Canadian economy. Oil prices are expected to remain under pressure, which also means that the Canadian dollar will also be kept under pressure as well.
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GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: April 27, 2017
 The GBP/USD pair had a very consistent price action during yesterday’s trading session although it is still located at the 1.2900 trading range which the pair has reached a few trading sessions ago. Unless the currency pair manages to break through this particular trading range, then there is still a risk that the GBP/USD pair could revert anytime into the 1.2600 range in the short term. As of the moment, the pair’s bulls have total control of the currency pair but if the cable pair is still unable to make an upward move in the coming days, then the pair should be pushed down in order to gain more buyers, thereby creating just enough momentum for the pair to shoot past 1.2900 points once the pair rallies again.
 During the previous session, the GBP/USD pair underwent a very restricted consolidation mode since the market was busy monitoring the results of Trump’s announcement later that day. After the tax plan was announced, the dollar dropped slightly in value and this caused the GBP/USD pair to climb above the 1.2850 trading range where it looks poised to further reach into the 1.2900 region. The announcement from Trump was unable to improve the dollar outlook as most of the details of the announcement was pretty much priced in by the market. In addition, the market is also somewhat skeptical on whether Trump would be able to actually push through with the tax plan as most of his campaign promises are left unsupported by members of his own party, such as the health care plan. This caused the USD to backfoot which was then used by the GBP/USD pair to gain an advantage in the market.
 For today’s session, there are no expected releases from the UK economy while the US will be releasing its unemployment claims data. Traders are advised to take caution as choppy trading is expected today.
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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 2, 2017

The New Zealand currency was able to gain higher against its U.S peer during Monday trades, however, encountered some sort of trouble over the 0.69 handle. The market continued to turn around causing a possible drop below the region 0.69 and a long-term downtrend has to remain. Otherwise, a break on top of the 0.6933 mark will lead the market towards 0.6950.
The market decided to sell off but it seems unsustainable which could possibly make a strong rebound.
The NZD appeared to be highly sensitive with regards the general sentiment of the commodity markets. While a cut through over the region 0.6950 would push the market near 0.70 mark but the possibility of this to happen is much lower.
A sharp and temporary pace is probable and part of it came from the May Day celebrations while volumes were light. Considering this, a door for selling opportunity has opened prior the kiwi was beaten up
A monumental risk on rally within the globe is required for a convincing power that this pair could show a buying signal at any moment.

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USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: May 3, 2017
 A relatively tame market plus a lack of economic readings coming from the US enabled the USD/JPY pair to push itself upwards during yesterday’s session, with the main catalyst being the recent increase in Treasury yields and US stocks. The USD/JPY gained momentum during the earlier parts of yesterday’s session after the benchmark yields on 10-year Treasury notes increased. However the currency pair eventually dropped in value when the Treasury notes plummeted by 2.298%. In spite of the currency pair closing down the previous session on a much higher note, the market found the pair’s movement to be pretty lackluster, which can be attributed to the three major economic data set to be released this week, namely the NFP report, the FOMC meeting minutes, and earnings reports from a handful of tech firms.
 The USD/JPY pair could be in for a double-sided trading action during today’s session since there are several releases expected today from the US economy. The Federal Reserve is not anymore expected to increase its interest rates, although investors will be monitoring whether the central bank will be detailing the frequency of its future rate hikes as well as the schedule of these rate hikes.
 Other external factors aside, if the Fed gives out a hawkish statement, then this could help prop up the USD and put downward pressure on the JPY. On the other hand, if the Fed statement comes out as dovish, then the USD/JPY pair could further drop in value after its consistent rally since April.
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EUR/USD Technical Analysis: May 8, 2017

The EURUSD softened this week but it performed well on Thursday. It is because of the projection about the employment figures released on Friday. The number have been strong and triggered a “risk on” trades. With this, we have touched above the 1.10 mark, which is regarded a significant psychological level that provided a resistance and support previously.
This weekend talks about the election in France and possibility of the status quo candidate to be elected. This favors the Euro due to the fact that it constrains the concerns about France leaving the Europe.
The technicals showed the 1.10 region will offer a significant number of resistance but during the closing week, the market proved that they are ready for any challenge.
An ability to cut through over the mark 1.10 any time will bounce back to 1.12 area. There is also possibility to talk regarding the 1.15 handle
The EUR/USD established an uneven position lately and the current gap has to resume in order to prompt a bullish tone.
It is projected that a break will offer some support after any reversal or surprise announcement which indicates lots of buying pressure is anticipated within the handle 1.0750.
With that said, the buyers appeared to be in the driver’s seat, it further signaled for a move higher.

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GBP/USD Technical Analysis: May 9, 2017

The sterling dealt with some volatile session yesterday after a slash within the top of 1.2950 region and resumed to cut lower. In light of this, the market could possibly pull back through 1.29 handle wherein a significant support level can be found. Further move below will reach the mark 1.2850 and the chance for a selloff remained short.
An ability the break over the region 1.2950 would likely cause the market to make an attempt reaching 1.30 area in the longer term.
Pullbacks are considered as the potential buying opportunities but the significant support is required and the market does not have any reason of not finding the buying pressure in the lower grounds.
The British currency appeared to be bullish while the volatility had a little impact to prevent the longer-term trader in the near future.
A break on top of the 1.30 range will trailed to the longer-term target which is 1.3450 area. Contrarily, expect more as the direction could drive towards a bumpy road.
Moreover, the buyers push the pair near its renewed peaks within 1.3000 amid European and Asian hours. The technicals seem positive as displayed in the 4-hour chart.
Resistance plunge at 1.3000, support entered 1.2900.
Buyers may not be able to advance the GBPUSD higher. Therefore, a side-trend is projected which means short weakening prior the bulls to acquire enough strength intended for another support. A breakout at 1.3000 would set us through 1.3100.

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GBP/USD Technical Analysis: May 10, 2017

The sterling had an initial attempt to rally on Tuesday, however, they have seen that the mark 1.2950 is slightly resistive. Thereupon, the market slides to 1.29 handle and found some support.
The longer-term buyers are anticipated to return pushing the market upwards but this could be also a rough road temporarily.
The ability to cut through the session highs would signal a bullish note and would move above the 1.30 region. The mentioned level involves a psychological significance considering it was massive, round and contain a psychological figure. A break on top of it would allow the market to create a considerable move that is already anticipated.
With that being said, the previous day was soft except to the pullback which came from an impulsive action last week.
The British currency broken out hence its pieces continued to take some move following the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This event would trigger the resumption of the volatility in the GBP/USD, considering also the headlines which would appear for the next sessions.
Traders should be flexible but the longer-term uptrend will further be extended causing the cable to drive higher. Selling is ruled out, not unless the significant level 1.2750 will be broken.

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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 11, 2017

The New Zealand dollar surged during the Wednesday session with 0.69 level as the starting point. The 0.6950 gives a strong resistance and it seems that this will be followed by a consolidation. The market might need to push more but if this breaks higher than the 0.6950 level, then this could climb higher probably reaching towards the 0.70 and below.
Reversals might take long to occur despite that there is a high buying pressure below. Although the consolidation could stretch up to 0.6850 level and below matching the current trading levels.
The kiwi is highly sensitive to the commodity market which persists to be volatile. In turn, this also affects the New Zealand dollar. The kiwi is easier to monitor since there is a high demand for ETFs in the whole commodity market which is highly influential to the NZD/USD pair. If the pair breaks out and reach a new high, this opens more buying opportunities. Yet, there is a high volatility in the market that makes easier currencies are traded more in the market right now. The market waits for more blatant indicators in the market.

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