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Forexmart- Analytical Reviews
USD/JPY Technical Analysis: April 4, 2017

The U.S. dollar paired against the Japanese yen persists with high volatility in the market after the Fed officials' remarks and the latest data released. The 200-day Moving Average is being tested again on Monday session and it seems that the market is trying to get it back to 100 level but with the major events happening right now could reverse the trend right away. This trend is good as it is but there is a pending significant support level found at 110 area. The results of equities being negative could have a negative impact to the price trend of the pair.
The resistance is positioned at 112.00 while the support comes in at 111.00. Recently the greenback recovered after a sell-off on Friday. The pair moves within a narrow range between 111.10 and 111.50 area in the beginning of the trading session. The 50-EMA was seen to bounced higher but giving a neutral stance in the 4 hours chart. On the other hand, both the 100 and 200-EMAs moved downward in the 4 hours chart. The MACD declined implying the weakened position of buyers while RSI maintained within neutral territory. If the U.S. dollar recovered exceeded beyond the 112.00 level,  the uptrend can extend in the near-term up to 113.00 mark.
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USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: April 5, 2017

The USD/CAD pair briefly made it towards 1.3400 points and even managed to surpass this region following a series of very dismal economic readings from the Canadian economy. However, the advancement of the Canadian dollar was almost immediately met with tremendous pressure from sellers, causing the CAD to retreat towards 1.3400 points. Analysts are now saying that unless the USD/CAD pair manages to surpass the large-scale selling at 1.3500 points, then the currency pair would be unable to make any significant progress as of now. But the pair’s bulls have yet to reveal how they plan to handle this dilemma in the pair as the USD is expected to be more level in the next few days on the back of an increase in oil prices.
The 1.3500 region has proven to be very crucial for the USD/CAD pair since the currency pair has been unable to overcome this pair for several times in a row. The currency pair would have to have large-scale buys in order to push past through this region and reach 1.4000 points. As of the moment, the Canadian economy has been throwing up some fairly decent economic data, although the Canadian trade balance data had somewhat paled and could be a precursor to a dismal future for the country’s economy. The trade balance data was at a negative while the market was expecting a positive reading, and this basically means that the country’s imports and exports are most likely to suffer in the long run.
However, the increase in oil prices could possibly provide a short-term breather for the Canadian economy, and since the USD is expected to experience short-term consolidations, the USD/CAD pair would most likely follow this particular trend and consolidate within 1.3300-1.3500 points. However, the pair is still not strong enough to surpass 1.3500 in the near future.
For today’s session, there are no releases from the Canadian economy but the US will be releasing several economic readings, such as the ADP employment change data and the FOMC meeting minutes. The NY session could possibly be met by a significant amount of volatility and if the pair’s price touches the 1.3500 range, then this could be a great opportunity for a stop loss.

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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: April 6, 2017

The economic calendar of New Zealand appeared to be uneventful, however, the major got some support from the positive remarks of Moody’s triple-A rating for New Zealand. On one side, the US dollar remained to be in control prior to Trump-Xi Summit.
The NZD/USD maintained a neutral stance confined over 0.6950 level throughout the night session. The spot witnessed renewed offers in the first part of the day and headed downwards. The pair continue its attempt in reaching its 3-week lows later today.
As defined in the 4-hour chart, the spot remained to develop under the moving averages as the 50 and 200-EMAs dive lower. Furthermore, the 100-EMA pushed higher and the 50-EMA go over the 100-EMA.
Resistance is at 0.7000 mark, support is found at 0.6950 area.
The MACD histogram preserved the same grounds indicating strength for the sellers. RSI indicator touched the undervalued zone, confirming additional move upwards.
The commodity-linked pair is expected to resume its negative sentiment. A close under support region 0.6950 would likely see the pair to persist a downturn to 0.6900.

Sumber: https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...-6%20-2017
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USD/CAD Technical Analysis: April 7, 2017

The USD/CAD have retained an upbeat sentiment on Thursday and spent the day in the late trades of Europe near its session highs.
The price weakened a little bit prior to the opening of New York hour. The spot continued its development over the moving averages as specified in the 4-hour chart. Moreover, the 200 and 50-EMAs kept pushing upwards while 100-EMA ascended lower.
Resistance approach 1.3470 level, support is at 1.3400 mark.
MACD histogram increased confirming strength for the buyers. RSI indicator drives closer to the overvalued readings.
The next target of the pair in the near-term is found at 1.3470 region following the pair lifted through 1.3540.

sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/analytical-rev...-7%20-2017
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NZD/USD Technical Analysis: April 7, 2017
The New Zealand dollar surged following a break higher than the peak of the hammer during the Thursday session. A strong resistance level is found at 0.70 handle. It is anticipated for the pair to have a volatility and it could increase towards the 0.71 handle when the jobs data comes out and break higher than 0.70 mark. There could also be reversals and the support level to position close to the 0.69 handle. Nevertheless, traders should expect volatility for today’s trading session.
sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...-7%20-2017-
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AUD/USD Technical Analysis: April 10, 2017

The Australian dollar became weak on Friday along the sluggish statistics of Performance of Construction Index. Meanwhile, the risk off sentiment amid Asian session have put pressure on risk assets including treasury yields, equities, and the Aussie.
The pair continued to be well offered last Friday and resumed a negative sentiment throughout the day. The AUD leave the region 0.7550 during the night trades extending its bearish impetus within the day.
The sellers were able to reach the 0.7515 mark and rebounded. The major hovered over its session lows until the outset of North American hours.
As indicated in the 4-hour chart, the AUD/USD is positioned under the moving averages which shifted lower. Resistance holds 0.7550, support pierced into 0.7500.
The MACD histogram sustained its level affirming sellers’ strength. RSI indicator is found near the oversold territory which signaled a lover move.
Forecast says the pair would continue to decline within a short period of time. We still expect for a further move towards 0.7500.

Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...10%20-2017
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April 11, 2017 07:43 am
USD/JPY Technical Analysis: April 10, 2017

The U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen surged on Monday session that brings profit to trades. Although, currently the market is in consolidation state which will most likely continue with the trading range between 112.00 as the resistance level and 110 as the support area. The pair is very sensitive to risks and investors in the stock market should keep an eye on the trend.
The greenback appreciated after the U.S. airstrike in Syria. The balance sheet reduction news and Japanese trade balance influenced the currency and at the same time limits the surge of U.S. dollar.
It tried to continue its buying momentum higher than the 111.50 mark yesterday but failed. It shifted its course after posting a higher range level at 111.54 mark. Although, the price was seen to ease come night session as it moves toward the 111.00 level.
The pair was seen to rebound in the 50-EMA and sustained the 100-EMA in the 4 hours chart. On the other hand, both 100 and 200-EMAs continued to go lower while the 50-EMA remained neutral. The MACD showed the pair to enter the positive area and if this is sustained, it indicates strong lead of buyers. The RSI indicator has lost its momentum when it is directed downwards. The next bearish target would be at 110.00 mark and a rebound higher than the 111.50 mark implying its lost in dominance while a break more than the 111.50 level opening the chance for the pair to move further towards 112.00 mark.

sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...10%20-2017-
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Ulasan analisis
ulasan analisis Forexmart ini menyediakan analisis terkini maklumat teknikal mengenai pasaran kewangan. Laporan-laporan ini terdiri daripada trend saham, ramalan kewangan, laporan ekonomi global, dan berita politik yang memberi kesan kepada pasaran
SIla layari >>>https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-reviews untuk lebih lanjut
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EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: April 17, 2017
The Euro versus the British pound declined a little bit during the Friday session testing the 200-day Exponential Moving Average. If the price breaks lower than the uptrend line this could pull the pair lower which would not be a positive indication and reaching the 0.84 mark would be a significant level hinting to short this pair abruptly. However, if a supportive candle or a rebound is seen, this could bring the price higher than the 0.86 handle. Anyhow, the decline is intriguing as this could hint that the market could make the next move.
Sumber : https://www.forexmart.com/my/analytical-...7%20-2017-
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USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: April 18, 2017

The US dollar crashed to its lowest levels within a five-month period against the Japanese yen as a reaction to North Korea-related tensions during the previous weekend. However, as the USD/JPY pair came within a major retracement barrier at 107.856 points, the USD managed to recover its losses and closed down on a much higher level than expected. The USD/JPY pair closed down the previous session at 108.904 points.
The current volatility level of the USD/JPY pair has been mostly influenced by the price action of the US Treasuries. US bond prices crashed during the previous session immediately after reaching an all-time high since November last year. Now that both the USD/JPY pair and Treasury yields are on their lowest rungs since November 2016, a lot of investors are now speculating that the Trump administration will be unable to complete its campaign promises within the preset timeframe, including the implementation of a new healthcare plan, tax cuts, and even imposing an increased fiscal spending mechanism. In addition, some traders are also saying that the USD was propelled forward by reports that Trump is leaning towards appointing a bank-friendly figure for the Federal Reserve’s vice chair for bank supervision post.
For today’s session, the course of the USD/JPY pair is expected to be dominated mostly by investor sentiment as well as Treasury yields. The currency pair will be able to regain its momentum only if there is an increase in yields and if investors put their interests towards high-earning assets.

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