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FX Bazooka (your trading weapon)
In November German exports rise 5.6%

In November 2016, German exported goods rose to the value of about 108.5 billion euros as well as imported goods added to the value of 85.8 billion euros- the highest monthly figures ever, considering both exports and imports. Built around provisional data, the Federal Statistical Office also states that in November German exports ascended by 5.6% and imports surged by 4.5% year on year. After calendar as well as seasonal adjustment, exports tacked on by 3.9%, imports edged up by 3.5% compared with October 2016. 

In November, the foreign trade balance demonstrated a surplus of 22.6 billion euros. As for November 2015, during that period the surplus amounted to about 20.5 billion euros. In calendar as well as seasonally adjusted terms, the foreign trade balance boasted a surplus of approximately 21.7 billion euros in November 2016. 

Exports of goods to countries outside the EU accounted for 45.2 billion euros in November last year, while imports from those countries reached 28.9 billion euros. 

[Image: BN-FX893_gereco_J_20141209041850.jpg]

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Australian stocks descend at close of trade

On Tuesday, Australian stocks sank after the close because losses in the Consumer Discretionary, Financials as well as Utilities sectors brought stocks down.

The S&P/ASX 200 edged down 0.80%.

The best performers of the session on the S&P/ASX 200 included Evolution Mining Ltd, Resolute Mining Ltd and South32 Ltd. They rallied respectively 2.33%, 2.21% and 1.99%.

The worst performers were represented by GWA Group Ltd, Seven West Media Ltd and Syrah Res F. They dropped 6.97%, 5.59% and 4.86% respectively.   

Dropping stocks outperformed surging ones on the Australia Stock Exchange by 600 to 418, while 340 remained intact.

The S&P/ASX 200 VIX, which estimates the implied volatility of S&P/ASX 200 options, soared 3.41%, trading at 13.055, a fresh 1-month peak.

The currency pair AUD/USD surged 0.24%, reaching 0.7373, while AUD/JPY dived 0.23%, being worth 85.14.

The US Dollar Index headed south 0.28%, trading at 101.63.

[Image: 21b36e02a78e21c8a3744fa2ec5544c2(2).jpg]

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Australian shares inch up at close of trade

On Wednesday, Australian shares leapt after the close, as profits in the Metals & Mining, Resources as well as Materials sectors brought stocks up.

The S&P/ASX 200 rose 0.19%.

On the S&P/ASX 200 the best performance was demonstrated by A2 Milk Company Ltd, Western Areas Ltd and Sandfire Resources NL. They managed to grow respectively 9.25%, 7.75% and 5.90%.   

As for losing benchmarks, they were represented by Bellamys Australia Ltd, Platinum Asset Management Ltd and Breville Group Ltd. They headed south 19.76%, 3.18% and 3.06% respectively.       

On the Australia Stock Exchange growing shares managed to outnumber sinking ones by 553 to 510, while 349 remained intact.

Additionally, stocks in Bellamys Australia Ltd dropped to 52-week minimums, sagging 19.76% and reaching 5.360. Stocks in Western Areas Ltd leapt to 52-week peaks, ascending 7.75% and being worth 3.405.

The currency pair AUD/USD jumped 0.05%, trading at 0.7373, AUD/JPY grew 0.30% getting to 85.57.

[Image: 76141245.jpg]

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Australian shares edge down at close of trade

On Thursday, Australia stocks went down after the close, as losses in the A-REITs, Healthcare as well as Consumer Staples sectors brought stocks down.

The S&P/ASX 200 headed south 0.08%.

The best performers of the session on the S&P/ASX 200 were demonstrated by such benchmarks as Steadfast F, Galaxy Resources Ltd and IPH Ltd. They rallied respectively 8.07%, 5.20% and 4.85%.     

As for the worst performance, we should mention Bellamys Australia Ltd, M Pharma Fp and Western Areas Ltd. They went down respectively 17.76%, 4.14% and 3.10%.

Soaring shares outnumbered dropping ones on the Australia Stock Exchange by 542 to 494, while 347 remained intact.

Shares in Steadfast F grew to all time peaks, surging 8.07% to 2.410. then, stocks  in Bellamys Australia Ltd sank to 52-week minimums, dipping 17.76% to 4.400. Stocks in Galaxy Resources Ltd inched up to 3-years peaks, adding 5.20% and being worth 0.657.

The S&P/ASX 200 VIX, assessing the implied volatility of S&P/ASX 200 options, leapt 0.72%, hitting 13.186, a fresh 1-month peak.

The currency pair AUD/USD gained 0.24%, trading at 0.7459.

[Image: 5zsqjNOH2sqm8ARP.jpg]

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American profit growth pickup might justify Wall Street surge

American companies are set to post their strongest revenue growth for two years, that could go a long way toward justifying Wall Street's record-breaking soar, as stock investors stress, who anticipate that many US companies will top expectations.

Fresh from a year-long dip in quarterly revenues, companies in the benchmark S&P 500 are supposed to report their bottom lines tacked on by 6.2% during the fourth quarter, as the latest Thomson Reuters data revealed, the strongest surge since a 7% rise in the same quarter of 2014.

By most measures, the previous quarter was a solid one for the wider American economy. One major measure of health of the manufacturing sector, the Institute for Supply Management's monthly purchasing managers' index, reached its highest level for two years, while the global economic outlook improved too.

Meanwhile, the number of fourth-quarter corporate outlooks above experts’ hopes is at the most they have been for years.

[Image: John-Birch-Society-American-Flag-hero-E.jpeg]

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Australian shares drop at close of trade
On Tuesday, Australian stocks dipped, as losses in the A-REITs, IT as well as Consumer Discretionary sectors brought stocks down.
The S&P/ASX 200 sank 0.85%.
The best performers included Regis Resources Ltd, Evolution Mining Ltd and Viva Energy Reit Ltd. These benchmarks rallied 5.41%, 3.21% and 2.54% respectively.   
As for the worse performance, it was shown by BT Investment Management Ltd, Beach Energy Ltd and Abacus Property Group. They sank respectively 4.91%, 4.40% and 4.36%.    
Dropping shares managed to outclass soaring ones on the Australia Stock Exchange by 656 to 390, while 317 were intact.
The S&P/ASX 200 VIX, assessing the implied volatility of S&P/ASX 200 options, surged 7.63%, hiting 13.761, a fresh 1-month peak.
The currency pair AUD/USD leapt 0.40%, hitting 0.7508, while AUD/JPY dipped 0.11%, trading at 85.30.
The US Dollar Index, evaluating the US dollar’s strength against six crucial counterparts, dived 0.35%, being worth 101.17.

[Image: 1404440675098(1).jpg]

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European stocks are mostly higher ahead of ECB verdict

On Thursday, European stocks started mostly higher, as market participants were eyeing the European Central Bank’s interest rate verdict due later in the day.

During European morning trade, the EURO STOXX 50 surged 0.23%, German DAX 30 grew 0.13% and French CAC 40 tacked on 0.25%.

Later Thursday, the ECB was supposed to leave interest rates intact. Investors were especially waiting for comments by Mario Draghi, ECB President, following the rate verdict, for indications on future policy moves.

Financial markets were also digesting comments by Fed Chair Janet Yellen made late on Wednesday. She told that interest rates could be increased rapidly this year.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Janet stressed that waiting too long to start moving toward the neutral rate could risk rather a nasty surprise down the road, such as financial instability, too much inflation, etc. 

[Image: eustovks.jpg]

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Donald Trump’s inauguration day

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, Jan 20.

[Image: inaugiration_Trump.jpg]

Schedule of the day

The inauguration ceremony will start at 11.30 am local time (6:30 pm MT time). After the oath, Mr. Trump will give an inaugural speech. Later there will be a lot of celebrating: a parade with about 8,000 participants and 3 balls.

What will Trump say?

According to Trump’s team, the President-elect has written his inauguration address draft himself. However, don’t expect the new President to speak about the economic policy. The speech will likely contain some very general ideas and principles. For example, John F Kennedy urged Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” in his inaugural speech. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, mentioned Abraham Lincoln’s ideals of renewal, continuity and national unity to stress the need for shared sacrifice and a new sense of responsibility to answer America’s challenges at home and abroad.

Monday will be Day 1 in Trump’s America

In his recent interview with the Times of London, Trump said that although he will be inaugurated on Friday, the first day of his administration will be Monday. Earlier Trump’s spokesman had announced that there would be 4 or 5 executive actions taken on “Day One”. Yet, as we are talking about Trump, who’s known for his unpredictability and flamboyant behavior, the small doubt of when to expect important announcement – on Friday or Monday – still exists.

Impact on Forex market

As you can see from the presented above, Trump's inauguration itself will unlikely provide any new information for Forex traders. The event will take place during the final part of the trading day on Friday and probably won’t contain any substantial things. Remember that Trump’s first news conference on Jan. 11 disappointed those who wanted to know more about his plans.

Although we don’t expect much from the upcoming events on Friday, traders are still likely to act nervously. As a result, be ready for the increased volatility during the US trading session on Friday.

All in all, the markets have already made all the possible trading on Trump’s pre-election promises. In the medium- and long-term much will depend on whether these promises are followed by action. The lack of the promised fiscal stimulus will prevent the USD from gaining much, and the greenback will continue drifting lower until the Federal Reserve raises its interest rate.

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Gold rises to 2-month peak as dollar dips on Trump uncertainty

On Monday, gold grew steeply during European morning trade, reaching the strongest level in around two months as the greenback sank amid uncertainty around Trump’s economic policies.

In New York, February delivery gold futures touched a session peak of $1,219.40 a troy ounce, a value not observed since November 22. Last it traded at $1,214.50, rising nearly 0.8%.

The greenback sold off after on Friday, Trump struck a protectionist tone in his inauguration speech, thus disappointing traders who hoped to hear further details on his promises of tax cuts as well as other stimulus.

Market participants will get back to the business of monitoring economic data for fresh clues on the health of the US economy in the week ahead, with Friday's advanced data for American growth in the spotlight.

A recent string of solid data backed the view that the American economy is sufficiently sturdy to warrant higher interest rates in the months ahead.

[Image: gold-jewellery-thinkstock-820(12).jpg]

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Aussie and Kiwi head south vs. mildly stronger greenback

On Wednesday, the Australian and New Zealand dollars went down against their American rival, following dismal inflation data from Australia and as demand for the US dollar remained broadly supported.

The currency pair AUD/USD edged down 0.66%, hitting 0.7532, thus demonstrating the lowest result since January 20.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics informed that the consumer price index grew 0.5% during the fourth quarter of 2016, thus disappointing expectations for a surge of 0.7%.

Year-on-year, consumer prices ascended 1.5% in the previous quarter, which is less than the expected 1.6%, ascend.

The currency pair NZD/USD dipped 0.29%, trading at 0.7228, off the previous session’s two-and-a-half month peak of 0.7279.

Meanwhile, the US dollar remained mildly backed on Wednesday morning, notwithstanding ongoing worries over Donald Trump’s protectionist policies.

The US dollar had broadly sunk after Trump on Monday formally withdrew America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord, thus distancing America from its Asian allies.

[Image: AUD(12).jpg]

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