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Explore and Travel Tips with Agoda
Travelling can be fun for those who enjoy travelling. Unfortunately, many experienced travellers would agree that the worst part is not the travelling itself, but its extensive preparation. You know, that period of time where there are a hundred and one things for you to do on top of the thousand and one things you have to do at your day job?

Yeah, who knew going on vacations could be so stressful, right?

Here's a list of things you need to do in order to be prepared for your trip. And with Agoda in the equation, things just got much easier for travellers!
[Image: luggage-64354_1280-800x600.jpg]
Image credit: Hans | pixabay.com

Passport and visa
[Image: passport-881305_1280-800x604.jpg]
Image credits: kpgolfpro | pixabay.com

Compulsory: If you do not wish to be detained at any airport, the very basic thing you need to do is to ensure that your passport is not expired, and will not be expiring before you return to your home country. As a rule of thumb, check that your passport has at least six months of validity before booking anything and heading anywhere. Furthermore, remember to check and apply for any applicable visas if you value your vacation (and perhaps your freedom).

Tip: Make photocopies of both your passport and visa just in case anything untoward happens to the originals. At least you have proof of your identity when you head to the nearest Malaysian embassy, consulate, or high commissions to request for help. If you have some extra time, you could register your travel route and personal details with the Malaysian e-consular, just in case.
Read up on the place(s) you are planning on visiting
[Image: glasses-272399_1280-800x533.jpg]
Image credit: Hans | pixabay.com

Not compulsory: After all, travelling is about exploring new places, is it not? While it might be more fruitful to read up on the places you are going to visit, some travellers enjoy getting surprised by the place they are visiting. However, if you don’t read up, you might just miss some fascinating places that your destination has to offer.

Tip: It is no biggie, but I personally am a huge history and architecture geek, so I would love to know more about the city I’m going to. Or possibly, if there are wild bears in the country's national park that I should pay heed to. Furthermore, there are many social norms that differ from country to country, so it is probably wise to be informed of their customs less you commit any social booboo in a completely foreign country.

Agoda has a great travel blog that is highly informative, which you can peruse at your own time. Seriously, it's great!

Map out the places you want to go
[Image: globe-691770_1280-800x533.jpg]
Image credit: Unsplash | pixabay.com

Not compulsory: Similar to the above, it is suggested that you plan your trip well in order to ensure that everything goes smooth sailing. But if you are confident that the place you are travelling will have accommodation readily available and with a halfway decent transport system, go ahead and live on the spontaneous side of life!

Tip: At the very least, look up and shortlist certain places you are interested in going to, as well as the different hotels or hostels that makes the most sense location-wise. It would be horrible if your chosen accommodation was miles away from civilisation, or in a completely different state as the one you want to explore. Be sure to check out the different transport options available for you as well!

On that note, Agoda is a great website for you to discover different types of accommodations (hotels, hostels, service apartments) according to your budget and preferences. You are free to look for alternative accommodations, but Agoda.com’s search functions and clear interface is a tool you can look into for help in booking accommodations just right for you.

Travel Insurance
[Image: boy-633017_1280-716x800.jpg]
Image credit: Courtany | pixabay.com

Not compulsory: Most people would definitely need and want a safety net to fall back onto, but it’s not necessary for a great overseas travelling experience.

Tip: Get it. Even if you don’t need it, travel insurance might just help you sleep better at night, just knowing that "someone" has your back.

Financial Readiness
[Image: money-256281_1280-800x529.jpg]
Image credit: jarmoluk | pixabay.com

Compulsory: Change your currency before you leave your home country. Please. Unless the place you go uses the same currency, just do it when you are alert, not jet lagged and in a near coma from all the travelling. Money changers are best dealt with when you are at your full mental capacity, and nothing short of that.

Tip: Work out a daily budget and add about USD$20 on top of that (or whatever you are comfortable with, depending on where you go). Get a few travel-activated credit cards or traveller’s cheques too. Circumstances happen and you might find yourself out of cash in a foreign place. Or perhaps some establishments don’t accept large amounts of cash? In those cases, you would be hard pressed to pay.
I prefer credit cards, just because they are more readily accepted and convenient. But remember to set a credit limit, though, and have the contact number to your bank ready in case of any sticky fingered thief you might meet.

Start booking with Agoda.com!
[Image: maldives-666122_1280-800x535.jpg]
Image credit: romaneau | pixabay.com

Compulsory: Whether you want to live in a luxury hotel, a budget one, or a hostel even, unless you plan on sleeping under bridges for your entire stay, you have to do some sort of booking.

Tip: As mentioned above, Agoda.com is the best website to search for an appropriate place to stay in. Furthermore, Agoda provides a “best price guarantee”, where they will match the prices of any other site, if you can show that the site provides a better price. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Agoda.com also provides the “Book now, Pay later” function, meaning that you can pay anytime leading up to your stay at the accommodation.

Now, plan your trip and make your booking at Agoda.com 

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