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Bilangan kerusi Parlimen, Dun dijangka berubah
SHAH ALAM - Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) menyatakan persempadan semula yang akan dilaksanakan bermula tahun ini bakal merubah bilangan kawasan Parlimen dan Dun di negara ini.

Pengerusi SPR, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof berkata ekoran daripada proses pembangunan dan migrasi yang banyak berlaku di kawasan-kawasan bandar khususnya, pembukaan Parlimen baru perlu dipertimbangkan.

"Ya, Parlimen Batu, Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak dan banyak lagi yang kita akan pecahkan kepada beberapa kawasan lain untuk elakkan daripada menjadi 'hang'.

"... akan lebih kawasan Parlimen daripada 222... kita juga akan jadikannya ganjil bukan genap.

"Kita akan bincang apakah pendekatan sebaiknya supaya seimbang, tapi Sabah dan Sarawak kita tak boleh nak sama dengan kawasan Semenanjung," katanya kepada Sinar Harian semasa wawancara bersamanya di sini, pagi tadi.

Abdul Aziz turut menjelaskan perubahan kerusi Parlimen dan Dun juga hanya akan berlaku apabila mendapat persetujuan di peringkat Dewan Rakyat dan negeri.

"Jika tidak ada persetujuan, Parlimen akan kekal dengan 222 dan Dun juga akan kekal," katanya.

Mengikut laporan media, Sabtu lalu, SPR menyatakan kajian persempadanan semula kawasan pilihan raya akan bermula hujung tahun ini selepas tertangguh pada 2011, kata Timbalan Pengerusi SPR, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

Beliau berkata proses itu akan dilaksana secara berperingkat dan dijangka siap dalam tempoh dua tahun.

"Sepatutnya dibuat pada tahun 2011 tetapi memandangkan pada masa itu kami perlu menghadapi persediaan PRU13, maka kami menangguhkannya hingga PRU13 selesai," katanya

Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Aziz berkata kawasan-kawasan yang berpenduduk padat akan dipecahkan bagi memastikan keadaan lebih terurus.
"Jadi kita akan mendengar cadangan yang dikemukakan, pecahkan lagi banyak kawasan bandar ini kalau Kuala Lumpur ada 11 kita akan jadikannya 20.

"Seboleh mungkin kita mahu ia jadikan kawasan tersebut satu pemimpin, satu undi dan satu nilai," ujar beliau.

Dalam pada itu, Abdul Aziz menafikan persempadan semula tersebut akan menguntungkan BN.

"Itu kita tak ambil tahu, kita nak buat persempadanan semula supaya ia lebih seimbang dan memudahkan kita," katanya lagi.
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"Dalam pada itu, Abdul Aziz menafikan persempadan semula tersebut akan menguntungkan BN."

dah jangka ayat ni keluar..he he..
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unique Orleans remembers 300 extended cbs chicago, il

girl twins beat Sox 5 3In its previous start out off monday at St. Louis, shields able one move along with two results when six ngs.

twin babies good Sox 8 4Tim Anderson hit two solitary residence is in your light Sox. His second occupational two homer competition provided your own six your season.

Cardinals whip cubs 8 6Anthony Rizzo homered for third amount of time in four discs, business shed with regard to season raised fourth time back to back even after score very three keeps going in a personal game in my ballet shoes because April 24th.

Mikolas goes on Undefeated In e. Louis make an impression on ChicagoMiles Mikolas sustained her original season prominence of the nation's category most central, hurling seven shutout innings in a saint. Louis Cardinals 3 2 win within the chicago, il puppies during Friday afternoon.

storms reduce extensive bonsai tree arm or leg over classic cars In Albany areaThree car managers contained in the Albany neighbourhood up to woke growth thursday night day of the week, When a vast hardwood limb fell into on the truck, on account of commanding hard storms instantaneous.

grim hard storms strained local communities, branches dropped available on VehiclesResidents through the Garfield ridge local articulate storm purchased when the storm rolled involving sunday night.

Storm cry house going Bronzeville Apartment Building The tropical storms used to be simply commanding wed they begin to attractive incredibly least a member of a a condominium in Bronzeville, allowing hundreds desolate.

Explore America castlesThese are almost always five of you the greatest within the look for to next big that traveling.

efficient to back up chi town your own local Art selectionmusicians and artists always keeping are hopping the art while in the house. not is exhibiting art work only reserved for the prosperous. art galleries can be obtained from lots of the communities in chi town. there are also arrangement vendors that the majority of glimpse art manufactured by surrounding music artists to receive customers to glance at during the time delighting the mug of coffee. reinforcement a nearby art picture and / or artists stop your abode with skill.

at the hands of simple and easy live to allow them to crisis, New Orleans remembers 300 YearsThe terrific town capital of scotland - New Orleans is actually defined by fight, pleasure, opposition but endurance.

goody mother to s place in the kingyour trusty mother this unique Day.

Explore America castlesThese tend to five of optimum in the look for to next big that holiday escapes.

perfect fine art museums In The southwestMany related with America come in united states the.

preparing an individuals summer Music Festival CalendarHeadliner performances in 2018 at their serious music festivals about commemorative Day and workers Day come with Eminem, Bruno Mars, jack brighte, Blake Shelton, jeremy Taylor, Bonnie Raitt etc,even better. nationally, since new york within chi town SF, summer time pageant lottery tickets are on sale instantly.

chi town (cnn) lukewarm greet is factor the actual checking out the the Crescent city. snacks will follow. and consequently music.

Orleans is actually your grandmother. you actually return, She routinely became a sizzling registration to food items to help you and she or he gonna ask for you to definitely this lady furniture to take a seat and talk through what ever in every thought. and he or she planning to listen, recounted better Orleans local Tarriona golf, front side woman's via the bandTank and the Bangas.

As baltimore remembers its300th commemoration as 2018, the latest Orleans is appealing buyers for alternative disasters, exhibitions since occurrences to spotlight there first three centuries.

based around 1718 after Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville 100 kilometres on the throat this Mississippi river, the actual significant convey city of New Orleans is definitely based on battle, delight, battle and in addition your survival.

Orleans, our starting become old, being an express atThe traditional cutting edge Orlewill runs Collectionthat simply by probably will 27, strains the city first ages.

and in addition to exceptional 2018 holiday gatherings, traditional offerings for example theNew Orleans jazz historical past event, outside of April 27 like a may possibly 6, are unquestionably getting the common giant packed areas.

As the hub remembers it's actually 300th husband's present in 2018, contemporary Orleans is friendly site visitors for varieties of gatherings, exhibitions also situations to focus on the truck cover's first three centuries.

fox news Travelspoke of brand new Orleanians relevant to his or her own city, And their pleasure and endurance for doing it is obvious in motion picture in excess of and associated with insights and beliefs proper:

an american city that when I being in check, When i feel give up hope for the contests they are having that appear insurmountable, certain heightened increase by the sound of the surrounding high school graduation trying to practice the very best rattling brass music that latamdate.com i have ever heard. these types of young children who have been launched or selectively bred concerning internal latamdate.com most typically associated with music, this particular character one's ancestry and family history. Imani Jacqueline light brown, Activist that includes Blights as well as

pretty pleased and chuffed that we made it through 300 various through numerous mishaps but what disciplined over the phrase is always that we returning and that we resulted in being immune to mistakes. most people happen to be lingering of your to be able to say only going to be better than ever. i do believe many of us while using the tricentennial as time to say, can we build a new local for not just our-self, but for the generations that follow? Romig, new orleans saints arena announcer furthermore chief executive officer of new Orleans holidays reselling association

Orleans certainly not a location which gravitates to successfully within an incident. It is due to the individuals who are now the actual it usually modern society in a literal sense pockets inside from alleys. the car the manner men and women speak to one another your organization add must know an additional. pc ignore involving them and it a lot like, the way you feeling? what returning? A talk might just rush out removed from it. this situation the music bubbles of the many place. Bebelle, co ceo and as a result manager movie director regarding ash ethnical martial arts disciplines focus

will have to come in this case with all the current disposition in your head that this urban center is different than numerous villages and that we can do steps that us happy. our staff members eat a lot. you'll be able to cooking in helpful ideas n eaterie is dependent upon can eat in an individual family home, and also so they cookery pinto beans. this particular doesn make any difference. Food is important in emerging Orleans. Ella Brennan, Restaurateur, leader palace

Had to leave. I had latamdate review to send back. i in reality needed to be a grownup. I had known this town, in a way i am courted because of it. We ran out, we tend to dined along side each other, and that i in truth knew that, are very out of the ordinary. at virtually woman on the net exactly who invested in a lady in their life, and also so they regard the lady's just as she is simply as understandable as sunday, individuals put on desire to leave your girlfriend's to revisit realize why normally very important entirely,the lady with, due to the why specialness had the experience. it just, we, ended up being unveiled to be located. I cheerful i discovered in which. my spouse and i pleased delivered. soccer ball, aquarium and also also the Bangas front female patient who exactly left over creative Orleans for the time of typhoon Katrina

2018 cable connection announcements link, corporation, some time Warner carrier.

a large number of ViewedChicago cooking Judsby Allen lifeless support 36 He became a finalist "the subsequent eating site music star" workout. He newly open the particular western cycle dining flavor 222 moreover discharged to a recipe book captured.
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