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BITKINGDOM - Saving in bitcoin and earn 1% daily !
[Image: 0RygANB.jpg?1]

[Image: QuZ7vFb.jpg]

Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH)

New Concept of Helping

Provide Help is a new concept of wealth sharing. If you have some extra money to help the community, the community in return will one day provide help back to you. It is a mutual, agreement between the giver and the receiver with no

hidden agenda, it is fully automated system.

How does it Bitkingdom work?
BitKingdom.org is a trusted global community centre, where everyone will be able to provide help and in return, get help within the BitKingdom community. Unlike traditional distribution system, we empower the use of Bitcoin technology

into our system for our members. At BitKingdom.org, we serve the community at our highest priority. We optimized the distribution of financial aid among participants through our ground breaking algorithm. The community are the people,

and we are the community.

BitKingdom is a type of community banking system that uses Bitcoin as a medium of value. Banks are supposed to be a source of financial help for their depositors, but in today's world that rarely happens. Without perfect credit and a

large income, banks don't want anything to do with you. BitKingdom is a membership website where participants can exchange financial aid. The idea is "Today you help someone, and tomorrow someone will help you".

 In the conventional banking system, a person can only withdraw the amount of money in their own bank account. Say John has $500 in the bank. He can't simply take out $650 from the bank, even though the bank has Lucy's $3,000 and

Brandon's $5,000 which would cover John's withdrawal amount. But he can take out a loan. The bank can loan out up to nine times all the funds deposited there to anyone, and the bank profits from the interest. If the bank can take

Lucy's, Brandon's, and more of its clients' money and give it to John as a loan, why can't John simply ask Lucy or Brandon for financial aid? Yes, John can ask... but Lucy and Brandon will likely say no, even if they know him. And

John probably doesn't know who has extra money that could accommodate his needs anyway. Even if Lucy has $3,000 that she won't use for the next couple of months she's unlikely to give it to John, because John can't guarantee that

he'll pay the money back when Lucy needs it. That's what BitKingdom is for.

 With BitKingdom, if Lucy helps John with $150 John doesn't have to promise to pay Lucy back. Because on BitKingdom, whenever you provide help to someone today you have the CROWD GUARANTEE that you can rely on them whenever you need

financial help in the future. So anytime Lucy needs financial help after she's helped John, she can request it and the system will assign a financial helper to Lucy. It could be John, or Brandon, or any of the millions of BitKingdom

community members. BitKingdom is not a bank or a company that take deposits. BitKingdom is simply a platform where participants can exchange financial help directly. So if you provide help to someone else, whenever you need financial

help millions of BitKingdom community members will offer you the help you need, with no requirement for you to pay it back.

Bitkingdom have strong team, they ready to make conference, meeting, ads and anything to make this big.

Min deposit: 0.1 BTC
Max deposit: 20 BTC

ONE person, ONE account. Each account needs to be verified by upload ID card/passport and selfie photo holding your ID/Passport
Every member have their own Bitcoin wallet, is individually-owned, doesn't belong to the community.

Quote:1% daily from deposit
You can withdraw your profit anytime. Instant withdraw
in 10 days, you can withdraw the profit, if your PH not in queue anymore (already filled)
in 30 days, you can withdraw all the deposit and your profit, if your PH not in queue anymore (already filled)
10% Referral Commision
Pairing bonus commision up to 10%
Minimum WIthdraw: 0.1 BTC
Payments Processors: BITCOIN

Quote:Register Here https://www.bitkingdom.org

Fill all data, it must real for verification
Login to your account and go to setting
Upload your ID card or passport and take a selfie holding your ID/Passport with a piece of paper written BitKingdom
Go to wallet and transfer your deposit to the bitcoin address listed there. That is your bitcoin address its similar like your bank account number, every member has own unique bitcoin address. is individually-owned, doesn't belong to

the community.
Go to token, and buy 1 or 2 token. Its needed for every deposit and withdraw
Go to Provide Help/PH
Type how many BTC you want to deposit. The amount must be available on your BK wallet, unfunded wallet will get only 0.5% daily profit. You have 15 days to fill your BK wallet, if not your account will be blocked
and the last, activated your Provide Help(PH) and you will get 1% daily.

You can PM me if need help. I'll guide you

If you're new to Bitcoin and wonder how to liquify the Bitcoin
There's 3 ways as i remember right now

1) There's a function in Bitkingdom you can transfer directly from bitcoin to RM to your local bank in BitKingdom. I'll attach screenshots below

2) You can apply Bitcoin Debit Card, there's alot outside there. Im using Xapo. Most of them merge with VISA, so we can spend anywhere shop that accept VISA. Im using it to shopping, makan, starbucks, online payment, cucuk kat ATM utk cash out Winking

3) If you have alot of bitcoin, you can sell it to others.

[Image: seF5fwb.png]

[Image: yHbBMkg.png]

Bitcoin adalah satu matawang dunia yang tidak ada negara tetapi mata wang ini sah digunakan untuk berbelanja.

1 Bitcon (XBT) = RM1806 (Current Rate)
BitKingdom menggunakan sistem Provide Help(PH) dan Get Help(GH) iaitu sistem yang memberi kita profit 1% Sehari mengikut harga 1 Bitcoin yang kita PH.

Contoh kita masuk 1btc,
sehari dapat 1% = 0.01btc, sebulan 30% = 0.3btc
At the end bila kita nak ambil profit kalau rate time tu still 1 Bitcon (XBT) = RM1806

0.3btc = RM542

30% daripada 1btc bermaksud 0.3btc(RM542)/sebulan

Tetapi sekiranya matawang Bitcoin semasa naik, profit bulanan juga akan meningkat, Kalau nak tahu lebih boleh direct PM.

**Ada modal masuk terus sebab bulan 7 miracle will happen Winking**

Guna http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ untuk lihat rate semasa Bitcoin
XBT - Bitcoin    ->     MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

If you interested or have any question regarding Bitcoin / BitKingdom, you can directly pm me or whatsapp +60174829474
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bukan ada currency baru ke lepas ni ? Bitcoin camna pastu ?
[Image: 468x60-cloudhosting.jpg]
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(05-30-2016, 09:45 PM)AVB Wrote: bukan ada currency baru ke lepas ni ? Bitcoin camna pastu ?

Apa nama currency baru tu?
Digital currency memang ada banyak, tapi yg lain tak setanding BITCOIN atas sebab ciri2 bitcoin tertentu. Sebab tu dia boleh jadi mahal.

Boleh search Google perbezaan bitcoin dgn digital currency yg lain2.

Rate bitcoin makin mengganas skrg, makin hari makin naik.  

Selepas bulan July akan melonjak naik lagi tinggi, sebab 'Bitcoin Halving'.

So kalau planning nak simpan bitcoin, baik mula dari skrg.
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Rate Bitcoin dari RM 800 melonjak naik sampai RM 2,193 cuma dalam masa 1 TAHUN.
Boleh bayangkan berapa akan naik dalam masa lagi 1 tahun...2 tahun...? 3 tahun...? Open-mouthed_smile

Bukan cuma untung dari segi rate, untung dari 30% profit sebulan pulak tu Nerd

[Image: ZLSMnB3.png]
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