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An open source framework that users can use to create block chain applications.
Capverto Smart Contract.
I feels this is the best. Capverto operates as an extensible, open-source framework that users can utilize to create blockchain applications. It allows users, whether individuals or corporate to create a customized blockchain.
In my knowledge, CAPVERTO Exchange is a financial platform aiming at bridging the gap between the area of financial institutions and the area of cryptographic infringement.
Prepaid Card Program
When it comes to prepaid programs, Capverto develops prepaid cards that serve as the link between fiat money and cryptocurrency. For instance, if you own the prepaid card, you will receive an amount of CAP tokens equal to the tier of the card purchased, which starts at $100 for the basic blue card.
You can use the Capverto card for in-store and online purchases. When you shop using the card, up to 2 percent of every transaction is reinvested into CAP, which eventually influences the token’s value. Besides, there is a full-blown reward system, which enables direct discounts at affiliated merchants.
CAPVERTO Exchange is a flexible utility that dramatically expands the basic focus of digital money through a plan that directly faces the demands of most people at most times when it is forbidden to save money In light of tokens, it is advanced funds. It focuses on prepaid cards, multifaceted banks like understanding.
You can easily access https://capverto.com
Twitter -https://twitter.com/capverto
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