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8 Mobile Apps You Can Use to Make Money on the Side in Malaysia
The cost of living in Malaysia is on the rise, and you may consider starting a side hustle to generate extra income. If you’ve got nothing to do on the weekends, why not be a personal shopper or host a cute pet at your home?

Here’s a list of 8 mobile apps you can use to earn some extra cash on the weekends or other free time.

1. SnapAsk: Tutor students online
[Image: image2-1.jpg]
How it works: SnapAsk is a mobile app that allows students to get personalised help from tutors. As a tutor, you’ll be helping students with their schoolwork on a flexible schedule. Students will pose a question and upload a photo of their schoolwork.

What you’ll need: Strong performance in your subject of choice. Include your SPM, A-levels, polytechnic or university certificates and transcripts in your application. For those who are still an undergrad, you can submit your matriculation card.

How much you’ll earn: You’re paid per question answered. The tutor incentive programme changes from time to time so you can check with the support team.

Available onAndroid and iOS.

2. Manis: Track your spending and get rewarded

[Image: image3-1.jpg]

How it worksManis is a loyalty lifestyle mobile app for shoppers. You can track your spending and receive rewards from your favourite store. Shop from a variety of merchants and snap the receipt. Remember to snap your receipt the same day you made your purchases.

What you’ll need: Be a smart shopper to earn more rewards!

How much you’ll earn: RM1 = 1 Manis points. Accumulate enough points to receive rewards.
Available on: Android and iOS.

3. HonestBee: Be a personal grocery shopper

[Image: image4-1.jpg]

How it works: HonestBee is an online concierge and delivery service mobile app. Your main goal is to buy groceries based on a customer’s needs at your local store during your free time.

What you’ll need: A keen sense of quality (important when choosing which products to get!)

How much you’ll earn: As a Shopper Bee, you can expect to get paid up to RM20 an hour.

Available onAndroid and iOS

4. Moovby: Rent out your unused car

[Image: image5.jpg]

How it works: Got a car you don’t use? You can rent it out and earn money with Moovby.

What you’ll need: Road tax, vehicle’s grant, utility bill (or a student card if you’re a student), IC and driver’s license.

How much you’ll earn: The amount of money you’ll earn depends on the type of car listed. For example, a Proton Saga or a Perodua Myvi could earn you RM7 an hour, while a Honda Accord or a Hyundai Starex could earn you RM30 and RM37 per hour respectively. Do note that Moovby will charge 15% for each transaction.

Available on: Android and iOS.

5. MatDespatch: Pick up and deliver items

[Image: image6.jpg]
How it worksMatDespatch is a delivery and courier service. It currently serves the Klang Valley area (with Penang and Johor coming soon). Your job would be to pick up and deliver things to nearby offices and homes. The items could include documents, parcels, food, flowers, cake or large packages (up to 70kg). You can keep track of everything through the mobile app.

What you’ll need: A vehicle, a valid road tax and insurance, a valid driving license, IC, and a Malaysian bank account.

How much you’ll earn: Depends on the job you accept. Payment is on a weekly basis.

Available onAndroid

6. Petsodia: Be a pet sitter

[Image: image7.jpg]

How it works: Petsodia is an online platform for pet lovers. You can watch over cute pets while their owners are away. Some of the pets that you can pet-sit include cats, dogs, hamsters, and birds. The mobile app covers entire Malaysia.

What you’ll need: A knowledge on how to take care of the pet you choose to pet-sit. You also need to have a Malaysian bank account.

How much you’ll earn: RM20-RM60 a day per pet. You can earn more if you pet-sit two or three pets. Petsodia will charge 20% of your earnings as marketing and administration fee.

Available onAndroid.

7. MyBump: Endorse brands on your car
[Image: image8.jpg]
How it worksMyBump is a crowd advertising platform where you can be a ‘Brand Ambassador’. If you don’t mind having colourful stickers on your car, you can choose between endorsing a brand on your car or by sharing selfies on social media. At the moment, the mobile app covers the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.

What you’ll need: A car (registered under your name), an image of your car, an insurance cover letter, driving license, IC and a clean driving record.

How much you’ll earn: The amount of cash payment depends on the campaign. Freebies that you can expect include vouchers and discount codes.

Available on: Android (coming soon to iOS)

8. MOBROG: Answer surveys and get paid
[url=ww][Image: image9.jpg]

How it works: If you love answering surveys and getting paid for it in your free time, try MOBROG, an online portal where you can take part in market research. You can answer surveys on the go on the panel’s mobile app.

What you’ll need: A PayPal account. Also, be as opinionated and constructive as you can in your answers.

How much you’ll earn: RM2 – RM10 for each survey completed.

Available on: Android and iOS
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