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10 Easy & Simple Tips to SELL MORE! Selling more is Easy
[Image: 8-ways-to-sell-more-tickets-with-zero-effort.jpg]
Does your role in any way involve you selling something?

If so you most probably have targets to hit, commission to earn and a whole load of barriers in your way. Whether it’s a sales role, recruitment role, maybe you run a business or are an entrepreneur, selling will be what stands between you and success.

What do you do?
I’ve done plenty of sales training, read plenty of sales books and blogs and what I wanted to write today were 10 easy and simple tips that could help anyone sell more. If you think you’re selling enough at the moment then maybe this article isn’t for you, however if you would like to sell a little more or even a lot more, I believe these tips will help you.

Here we go….

1) Keep a productivity diary.
You only need to try it for one day or maybe two, but record your activity every hour across the day. What are you actually doing in that time, how many breaks do you take? How long do you spend talking to people? Answering emails? Checking social media? Keep a really detailed and honest record of what you do and you’ll soon spot plenty of activity and time that could be better spent on actual sales tasks.

2) Start work earlier.
As they say the early bird catches the worm and starting just 5 minutes earlier could have a huge impact on your productivity. I’ve seen sales people arrive dead on their shift start time but then spend 30 minutes to an hour making coffee, chatting, checking emails. Imagine if you had all that done before your designated start time?

3) Challenge your customers.
It’s very easy when pursuing the sale to feel at the mercy of your prospect or customer. Don’t feel bad about challenging your customers over their objections or reasons for not buying. Quite often those objections are just highlighting the prospects need for more information or to better understand the value in what you’re selling. Ask them more questions, understand their needs and ensure that not only is the solution you’re offering matching that but that they understand it.

4) Use social media, but use it effectively.
I mentioned in the opening part of this post that you should check how much time you spend on social media and yet now I’m suggesting it could help you sell more. There are 2 types of activity on social media, activity that is casual and activity that yields a return. Sales people who use social media effectively often out perform their peers consistently. Use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to understand your prospective customers and businesses, research your buyer and build a better foundation before you move it to a phone call or face to face meeting. Imagine how much better a cold call would be if you already knew most of the information you needed about that company.

5) Learn, learn and then learn some more!
You’ll never stop learning and sales is an industry that is full of fantastic training, blogs, videos, podcasts, the list is endless. Put time in every day to learn something you new. You may pick up a tip that helps you close one of your sales. You may learn something that helps you reach that one prospect you’ve been trying for weeks. You may get that boost of motivation that pushes you to phone a few more prospects. Just like you’re reading this post to find some tips to help you sell more the internet is full of learning available.

6) Be genuinely passionate about what you sell.
Sales people are disliked because they SELL! People never moan about people who recommend something or who suggest something. If you know your product and are genuinely passionate it becomes less about you selling something and more about you recommending something from one human to another. If you believe in what you sell, and I mean really believe in it, your prospects will as well.

7) Become an AWESOME story teller.
The best sales people rock at telling stories. They capture their prospects attention and bring them into the world that they want to sell them. Whether it’s a cold call, email or face to face meeting, make sure you know the story you want to tell and you tell it in an engaging way. 

No one wants to be talked too, they want to feel engaged, to feel part of the story and to feel connected to what you’re saying. Tone of voice, body language, words and expression all form key parts of your story so practice it, rehearse it and make sure you feel it.

8) Have a sense of humour!
People buy from people and to build that type of personal relationship you need to show your prospect that you’re human just like them. 

Humour is a great way of not only showing that you’re human but that you’re friendly. There’s a fantastic video of Steve Jobs unveiling the very first iPhone and you can see how humour is used to make the presentation super engaging.

9) Take responsibility for your actions and results.
There are plenty of sales people out there (and it’s totally understandable) who are quick to blame anything and everything for their struggles. Maybe it’s the economy, the customer, the industry, the product, the prices etc. 

Stop and think about “what if it’s my fault”? Take responsibility for your sales results and start to look at what you can do to change that. Chances are you won’t be able to change the economy, you won’t be able to change the customer, the industry, the product or the price, but you CAN change what you do.

10) Don’t be scared to sell and don’t feel bad being a sales person.
It’s very unfortunate that sales people have such a bad rap and are attached to such a bad stereotype when the majority of us genuinely believe in what we sell and want to help our prospects. At the end of the day if you product isn’t right for your prospect or they don’t want to buy, never mind! There are plenty of prospects out there and there will be people out there who love what you do, love what you’re selling and who will love working with you. Believe in what you sell, believe in what you do and feel empowered by the fact there are people out there who need you and your help.

So there are 10 nice and easy tips that will hopefully help you sell more!
I’ve really enjoyed writing those and hope they help but here’s a few more as well….

11) Listen more to your prospects and ask more questions.
People love talking and they loved to be listened to so it’s a super beneficial approach to have. The more you let them talk the more you’ll find out about them and the more chances you’ll have of understanding their needs. You’ll also make them feel so much more valued and you’ll build a much better relationship as they’ll feel you know them better. Ask more questions and let them talk more, you’ll soon see the benefits!

12) Get to know yourself better.
You’re going to have moments when you struggle to motivate yourself. You’re going to have times where you struggle to find the energy or find yourself not focused on what you’re doing. Get to know yourself better so when you start to feel that way you can take yourself away from your desk, take a break, reflect and refresh. We’re all human beings and it’s very natural to need breaks, food, water even a quick chat to vent some frustration or get help on something you don’t understand.

13) As the image in this post suggest it’s all about selling.
If you want to sell more there will be plenty of ways you can make that extra phone call, send that extra email, do some extra prospecting etc. Maybe you’re not confidently asking for the close, maybe you don’t understand your product enough, there could be a number of blocks to you selling more. Ask your colleagues, ask your manager or ask people in your network for help. There are great forums and groups on LinkedIn where people who do what you do all across the world can help each other to ultimately sell more.

I really hope you find at least some of those tips helpful but I’m sure there are plenty more. Please add any tips that you have to the comments box below and let’s see how many tips we can get, you never know it may help someone reach their target this month!
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